[sudo-discuss] Discussion Item: Omni Table at Allied Media Conference

Jenny Ryan tunabananas at gmail.com
Fri Feb 23 19:24:55 PST 2018


For discussion & possible consensus at the next Omni Delegates Meeting on
March 1st:

I'd like to propose that Omni pay for an exhibition table ($100) at the Allied
Media Conference <https://www.alliedmedia.org/amc> this summer in Detroit.
I will be attending, albeit also as a representative for Sudo Mesh.

For those unfamiliar with the conference, it's one of the radder ones I've
heard of over the past decade - but have never attended myself. The theme
is essentially the intersection of social justice and media - what AMC
describes as "media-based organizing
<https://www.alliedmedia.org/media-based-organizing>," defined as "any
collaborative process that uses media, art, or technology to address the
roots of problems and advances holistic solutions towards a more just and
creative world." This is the 20th annual conf, which is always located in
*Detroit*, and takes place this summer from *June 14-17*.

Are any other collective members also planning to attend? Would you be
interested in sharing an Omni table to display info about your projects
and/or helping to staff the table for some shifts throughout the duration
of the conference?

*Please forward this email along to your collectives so we can assess our
capacity to participate!*

If there aren't a few other Omni collective members able to come and help
staff the table, perhaps Omni could share Sudo Mesh's table and collectives
could provide me with some of your handouts / brochures / flyers / arts /
etc for display

Please send a reply to me or to discuss at omnicommons.org if you'd like to
help with organizing around AMC!


Help open a professional kitchen at the Omni Commons in Oakland!

"Technology is the campfire around which we tell our stories."
-Laurie Anderson

"Storytelling reveals meaning without committing the error of defining it."
 -Hannah Arendt

"To define is to kill. To suggest is to create."
-Stéphane Mallarmé

"Anything done for the first time unleashes a demon."
--Dave Sim, "Cerebus the Aardvark"
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