[sudo-discuss] Incident with Steeve of Sudoroom.

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Fri Mar 9 15:23:20 PST 2018

He also recently approached me, and I stated clearly "Please don't talk to
me, I don't feel comfortable talking to you." He then continued asking me
what he was going to ask me, then I stated it again. I then stated it a
third time, and then he finally responded by saying "Well you know you
should get that looked at."

I politely asked he to not talk to me, and explained how I felt, only to be
insulted there after. This was around 2:50ish pm.

Robert Albert Young Chu
"Radiant Ambition Yields Change."
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On Fri, Mar 9, 2018 at 3:18 PM, Robert Chu <robert.chu01 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hello Sudoroom & Omnicommons,
> Earlier in the day when nobody was in Sudoroom, I removed one table (from
> the dual table island adjacent to CCL). I set it up outside, as I using it
> as a worktable for hacking on my van). About two hours later Steven came
> blaring out the rear doors, yelling at me specifically saying "Fuck you"
> over again, and "You have taken my table".  "Fuck you" You could have taken
> any other table, but you have taken my fucking table."
> For the first couple of minutes I was trying to decipher if he was serious
> or saying in a joking manner, then he kept yelling at me about the table.
> I then tried to explain to him that nobody was in Sudoroom and there are
> many other places to work (including the other table that is still connect
> to the island).
> He then yelled at me some more, and Max from Phat Beets came out and said
> they were having a meeting. He then continued to yell over Max after that
> was stated. I then proceed to ask Steven for proof of ownership of the
> table, and also how does he own it. I also then asked how does he own this
> table that (I'm pretty sure) is owned by Sudoroom.
> My arms are still shaking from the trauma that this has caused (as I do
> suffer from PTSD, for many quite a few big, serious reasons).
> I do feel these blows are a pattern of behavior that should not be
> ignored. As when Sudomesh was having a meeting on Sunday, Steve blew up
> because somebody damaged his trailer's lock, and was loud and disruptive
> about it for many hours during that day.
> There was also a time that his laptop got stolen, and he flipped and
> kicked a set of plastic bins in Sudoroom.
> This explosive behavior is hard for me to deal with because of my PTSD.
> The biggest thing with what has just transpired, is that the safe space
> policy was tremendously violated, toward me, over something that really
> should not have been an issue at all.
> I am using a table that no one was using, it did have Steven's laptop bag
> stored/attached to one of the feet. I think that is the bigger unsaid
> reason of why he is upset. His personal stuff was touched.
> This event happen about 1:15pm, and I am still a little unnerved. Right
> after this happened I talked to another Sudoroom member about advice on
> what to do, and was also calmed a bit as well. He recommend an email.
> I also plan not having any interaction with Steven, and will avoid him,
> and ignore him further. I don't feel safe around him.
> Thanks for reading
> Robert Albert Young Chu
> "Radiant Ambition Yields Change."
> Call or Text :415-724-0425 <(415)%20724-0425>
> Email: robert.chu01 at gmail.com
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