[sudo-discuss] Incident with Steeve of Sudoroom.

Robert Chu robert.chu01 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 9 15:18:52 PST 2018

Hello Sudoroom & Omnicommons,

Earlier in the day when nobody was in Sudoroom, I removed one table (from
the dual table island adjacent to CCL). I set it up outside, as I using it
as a worktable for hacking on my van). About two hours later Steven came
blaring out the rear doors, yelling at me specifically saying "Fuck you"
over again, and "You have taken my table".  "Fuck you" You could have taken
any other table, but you have taken my fucking table."

For the first couple of minutes I was trying to decipher if he was serious
or saying in a joking manner, then he kept yelling at me about the table.

I then tried to explain to him that nobody was in Sudoroom and there are
many other places to work (including the other table that is still connect
to the island).

He then yelled at me some more, and Max from Phat Beets came out and said
they were having a meeting. He then continued to yell over Max after that
was stated. I then proceed to ask Steven for proof of ownership of the
table, and also how does he own it. I also then asked how does he own this
table that (I'm pretty sure) is owned by Sudoroom.

My arms are still shaking from the trauma that this has caused (as I do
suffer from PTSD, for many quite a few big, serious reasons).

I do feel these blows are a pattern of behavior that should not be ignored.
As when Sudomesh was having a meeting on Sunday, Steve blew up because
somebody damaged his trailer's lock, and was loud and disruptive about it
for many hours during that day.

There was also a time that his laptop got stolen, and he flipped and kicked
a set of plastic bins in Sudoroom.

This explosive behavior is hard for me to deal with because of my PTSD.

The biggest thing with what has just transpired, is that the safe space
policy was tremendously violated, toward me, over something that really
should not have been an issue at all.

I am using a table that no one was using, it did have Steven's laptop bag
stored/attached to one of the feet. I think that is the bigger unsaid
reason of why he is upset. His personal stuff was touched.

This event happen about 1:15pm, and I am still a little unnerved. Right
after this happened I talked to another Sudoroom member about advice on
what to do, and was also calmed a bit as well. He recommend an email.

I also plan not having any interaction with Steven, and will avoid him, and
ignore him further. I don't feel safe around him.

Thanks for reading

Robert Albert Young Chu
"Radiant Ambition Yields Change."
Call or Text :415-724-0425 <(415)%20724-0425>
Email: robert.chu01 at gmail.com
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