[sudo-discuss] Incident with Steeve of Sudoroom.

Robert Chu robert.chu01 at gmail.com
Mon Mar 12 11:28:26 PDT 2018

Hello Robb, thank you for your volunteering to do so. After reflecting off
of this for three days. I am still a bit shaken over the incident, and
don't think I even wish to mediate currently, my hands were truly shaking
for about two hours after his barrage of verbal assaults toward me. I don't
really even feel comfortable talking through a mediator with him as well at
the current time.

He tried bullying me to force me to feel sorry for him, for something in
which I clearly had done no wrong. He got pissed that I moved "his table",
because it had his laptop bag attached to it. "THERE IS NO PERSONAL STORAGE
AT SUDOROOM", if he didn't violate this, then this would not have

Then I told him how I felt, not to talk to me and was insulted. (assertion
of dominance, again).

IMHO through his actions, he straight up bullied me and I defended myself
by contacting another Sudoroom member for support and advice on the matter
(who lucky enough was able to pick up during working business hours). I
felt like I was being whipped mentally everytime he would yell over me
yelling "F**K You" multiple times." And lying about owning a table.

I don't tolerate people like that and don't engage with them at all.
Currently in my life I am not friends, or even associated with anyone, who
acts in such ways at all.


Thank you Robb once again stepping up, and your support.
(even writing this is still eating at the back of my head)

Robert Albert Young Chu
"Radiant Ambition Yields Change."
Call or Text :415-724-0425
Email: robert.chu01 at gmail.com

On Sat, Mar 10, 2018 at 12:38 PM, robb <sf99er at gmail.com> wrote:

> if either party wishes for someone to help mediate this matter, i am
> available
> On Fri, Mar 9, 2018 at 4:09 PM, Steve Leach <stevenaleach at gmail.com>
> wrote:
>> To the group as a whole, I apologizing for causing Robert stress, I did
>> yell at him outside the Omni, though only with the intent of re-expressing
>> something that I had expressed the previous day in a more clear and
>> somewhat comedic manner. It seemed that perhaps with his high energy level,
>> my normal tone the previous day had not registered because I hadn't
>> bothered to sound upset. So today I intentionally let him know that I was
>> upset. Now - the issue at hand is something I set myself up for: most
>> nights, especially when it is raining, I have made it a habit of leaving my
>> laptop in a basket under a table at the front. There's no pressing reason
>> to leave it there - my little abode is waterproof and lockable, but not
>> while I am asleep, and the unlikely scenario of someone opening the door
>> while I'm unconscious and managing to walk off with my irreplaceable gear
>> means I've felt safer leaving it semi-secured inside the building rather
>> than with me at night. Two days in a row, however, I found the basket with
>> my laptop bag sitting forlorn and alone in the middle of the floor in the
>> general 'donataions/hack-this' zone where I couldn't blame anyone if they
>> would have come before me and adopted it. I grumbled good naturedly at
>> Robert yesterday, just to point out the situation that resulted when the
>> table went away and suggested he should have taken the other table of the
>> pair -- or move the basket under the remaining table instead.  Today, I
>> found the same scenario repeated and decided to actually show that I was
>> upset. If this apparently frightened or caused stress to Robert, I'm sorry
>> - that was neither my intention nor at all expected. I just chose to be a
>> little more theatrical and high energy in communicating with a boisterous
>> high energy individual who had disregarded my previous attempts at
>> communication. That he apparently mistook this as threatening is
>> unfortunate and unexpected - again, I was just trying to more match his
>> normal energy level and boisterousness since my more flat and
>> matter-of-fact communication previously had not worked. Again, sorry to all
>> for causing any unneeded chaos, and in the future I will avoid the problem
>> by simply keeping my laptop with me at night and therefore not having to
>> worry about it.
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