[sudo-discuss] Anyone still developing sudo-humans?

Corey corey at x64.co
Tue Mar 20 18:36:26 PDT 2018

I tried to involve myself in contributing last year but found a heavy
reliance on libraries that are neither well-documented nor using familiar
web paradigms. The original author of sudo-humans created these libraries
but does not seem to be active in the maintenance of them or the server.
His last contribution was 3 years ago. He seems to live in Hawaii now.

Unfortunately I am not motivated to learn the ins and outs of this project
as it stands. I see two viable paths forward for myself in getting involved

1. Someone else very familiar with the project can walk me (and any other
interested parties) through the codebase so that I may effectively

2. If there is sufficient interest, I can help spear-head or participate in
a rewrite.

I do not propose rewrites lightly, having written JS professionally for a
few years now and contributing to large codebases where I’ve had to jump
in. However, I’ve seen this project stalled for months so I present it as
an option.

Corey | @stackptr

On March 19, 2018 at 10:50:45 PM, Charley Sheets (rcsheets at acm.org) wrote:

I haven’t looked at humans in a while, but I’m willing to start hacking on
it again next month, especially if anyone else shows an interest.

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On Mar 19, 2018, at 8:45 PM, Patrik D'haeseleer <patrikd at gmail.com> wrote:

For those of you who are good at coding: please help out implementing
notifications in the sudo-humans system! Making sure members and admins get
notified when someone's credit card bounces has been listed as a
high-priority feature request for ages:

Implement email notifications for admins
Email notifications for collective members

In fact, I'll repeat my offer from before: *I'm offering a $100 bounty* for
the person or group of people to tackle Issue #53 - Implement email
notifications for admins <https://github.com/sudoroom/sudo-humans/issues/53>

Please contact Charley Sheets if you're interested in helping out...



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