[sudo-discuss] Talking about Steve at Wednesday's meeting again

Jake jake at spaz.org
Tue Mar 27 13:41:26 PDT 2018

I have put Steve on the agenda again for this wednesdays meeting.  I don't feel
like we came to a healthy conclusion at the last formal meeting when the issues
were discussed, and i haven't heard anything from the mediation that I was
expecting to happen.

I have heard that there have been other incidents, and as much as I would like
to forget about this whole issue and pretend like there is no problem, it turns
out that there are people who have considered (and some who likely have)
avoiding sudoroom and/or the Omni entirely because of Steve's behavior, and I
think we need to talk about it more and address the issue properly.

If there are people at this meeting to talk about the issues then great, if not
then maybe we'll just wait for the next incident.

Note: I am not trying to get people to align against a person or vilify anyone,
but i think it's necessary to address behaviors that are incompatible with the
environment and community we want to maintain.


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