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mark burdett mark at 510pen.org
Thu Feb 28 00:33:59 PST 2013

I haven't been in there in a while. does the studio have a mixer that can
handle a few mics + a few line-level sources? i.e. something better than
the little DJ mixer I donated. It'd also be nice to have a relay to shutoff
the studio monitors when the mic is potted up.

Comet CFM-95SL is a pretty nice antenna and we can get it for under $100 (if
someone can build something better, go for it :)

I can help scrounge up parts to make a better+cheaper amp than what FRB
offers. maybe we could schedule an amp building workshop soon.

Hi friendly neighborhood FCC person reading the list archives! isn't free
speech awesome.

--mark B.

On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 11:35 PM, Mischa Spiegelmock
<thadwooster at gmail.com>wrote:

> Current status is somewhat indeterminate. There exists radio.sudoroom.org,
> a site with two mp3 streaming players, one pointed at a stream that Andrew
> set up I believe, and an icecast2 server that I set up at sudoradio.com.
> I can't speak much about the other stream, but it was silent when I tried
> playing it earlier.
> For the sudoradio.com stream, we have unmetered 100mbit bandwidth, native
> ipv6 if we care, and a 192kbps music rotation going at all times with a
> large selection of music that I think is pretty awesome. Some of it is
> mixes and DJ sets (some by yours truly), some of it is experimental indie
> electronic music. I invite you to have a listen, it's usually pretty
> bumpin': http://sudoradio.com/listen.pls
> There is a bot that reports the current artist/track and also the current
> stream title in #sudoradio on free node, and the website has a mp3
> streaming flash player that I wrote and also reports the current
> artist/track/stream title.
> Andrew had rightly expressed a desire to have access to the stream
> configuration and server, and I am happy to provide it. Please speak to me
> in person I guess if you are interested.
> It would probably be good to consolidate the streams. We can certainly
> make one a relay of the other, but that seems like it would overly
> complicate things for no benefit. I'm open to ideas on what to do.
> There has been some discussion regarding copyright, which is an absolutely
> valid and reasonable concern. I think there may be some consensus that
> addressing it is less of a priority until we actually have listeners and
> there exists some creative-commons-licensed music that isn't utter shit.
> We also have a 0.5w FM PLL transmitter for terrestrial radio, which as far
> as I know is functional and has a filter and everything. It needs a new amp
> which can run anywhere in the range of $20 to millions of dollars, I'd
> suggest a 15w amp kit from Free Radio Berkeley, which runs about $80. I'd
> be willing to purchase one if someone is willing to build an antenna.
> There's a link on a previous email I sent on the subject to instructions to
> manufacture one on the cheap with nothing much more than PVC pipe and some
> wire.
> I may lend a core2duo machine to the space that we can use as a streaming
> source client, and a raspberry pi that we can dedicate to always playing
> whatever is on the stream, that could be plugged in to speakers or
> eventually the FM transmitter.
> I hope that is helpful.
> -wooster
> On Feb 27, 2013, at 9:09 PM, Alcides Gutierrez wrote:
> Hi! Ill be in tomorrow to check the room out. Got a brief intro from Jenny
> last time I was there.
> Im working on a solo podcast (hoping to get thrown into the lineup). Im
> also interested in doing live shows (that also get recorded). I hope
> interviews via skype or what not are possible.
> Ill be there tomorrow about 700pm or so if anyone on this list is up for
> chat. Ill be sticking around for the 830pm mesh meetup. Take care!
> Alcides Gutierrez
> http://e64.us
> On Feb 27, 2013 9:02 PM, "Marina Kukso" <marina.kukso at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi everyone,
>> Welcome to the sudo radio listserv!
>> What is the current status of the radio? What have people been working
>> on? What do we need to move forward?
>> Marina
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