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Thu Feb 28 08:59:05 PST 2013

+1 Mark... LMAO!

Um, ethics are first philosophy, so I think we should figure out what's
legal in tandem, and just start building the monster.   There are a lot of
indie labels that offer cheap service, which we could subsidize with cheap
ads.  It's about $200 a month to pay for licensing, and the music is solid.
 Creative commons is usually junk, to Wooster's point.  And, if we could
quickly build a user base, and even bundle an app for our tunes, I'm
confident that we could pay for $200 a month or come close to it.

We can build the antenna, but it might be more reasonable to buy one.  Who
can meet up on this next week?


On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 12:33 AM, mark burdett <mark at 510pen.org> wrote:

> Hi,
> I haven't been in there in a while. does the studio have a mixer that can
> handle a few mics + a few line-level sources? i.e. something better than
> the little DJ mixer I donated. It'd also be nice to have a relay to shutoff
> the studio monitors when the mic is potted up.
> Comet CFM-95SL is a pretty nice antenna and we can get it for under $100 (if
> someone can build something better, go for it :)
> I can help scrounge up parts to make a better+cheaper amp than what FRB
> offers. maybe we could schedule an amp building workshop soon.
> Hi friendly neighborhood FCC person reading the list archives! isn't free
> speech awesome.
> --mark B.
> On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 11:35 PM, Mischa Spiegelmock <
> thadwooster at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Current status is somewhat indeterminate. There exists radio.sudoroom.org,
>> a site with two mp3 streaming players, one pointed at a stream that Andrew
>> set up I believe, and an icecast2 server that I set up at sudoradio.com.
>> I can't speak much about the other stream, but it was silent when I tried
>> playing it earlier.
>> For the sudoradio.com stream, we have unmetered 100mbit bandwidth,
>> native ipv6 if we care, and a 192kbps music rotation going at all times
>> with a large selection of music that I think is pretty awesome. Some of it
>> is mixes and DJ sets (some by yours truly), some of it is experimental
>> indie electronic music. I invite you to have a listen, it's usually pretty
>> bumpin': http://sudoradio.com/listen.pls
>> There is a bot that reports the current artist/track and also the current
>> stream title in #sudoradio on free node, and the website has a mp3
>> streaming flash player that I wrote and also reports the current
>> artist/track/stream title.
>> Andrew had rightly expressed a desire to have access to the stream
>> configuration and server, and I am happy to provide it. Please speak to me
>> in person I guess if you are interested.
>> It would probably be good to consolidate the streams. We can certainly
>> make one a relay of the other, but that seems like it would overly
>> complicate things for no benefit. I'm open to ideas on what to do.
>> There has been some discussion regarding copyright, which is an
>> absolutely valid and reasonable concern. I think there may be some
>> consensus that addressing it is less of a priority until we actually have
>> listeners and there exists some creative-commons-licensed music that isn't
>> utter shit.
>> We also have a 0.5w FM PLL transmitter for terrestrial radio, which as
>> far as I know is functional and has a filter and everything. It needs a new
>> amp which can run anywhere in the range of $20 to millions of dollars, I'd
>> suggest a 15w amp kit from Free Radio Berkeley, which runs about $80. I'd
>> be willing to purchase one if someone is willing to build an antenna.
>> There's a link on a previous email I sent on the subject to instructions to
>> manufacture one on the cheap with nothing much more than PVC pipe and some
>> wire.
>> I may lend a core2duo machine to the space that we can use as a streaming
>> source client, and a raspberry pi that we can dedicate to always playing
>> whatever is on the stream, that could be plugged in to speakers or
>> eventually the FM transmitter.
>> I hope that is helpful.
>> -wooster
>> On Feb 27, 2013, at 9:09 PM, Alcides Gutierrez wrote:
>> Hi! Ill be in tomorrow to check the room out. Got a brief intro from
>> Jenny last time I was there.
>> Im working on a solo podcast (hoping to get thrown into the lineup). Im
>> also interested in doing live shows (that also get recorded). I hope
>> interviews via skype or what not are possible.
>> Ill be there tomorrow about 700pm or so if anyone on this list is up for
>> chat. Ill be sticking around for the 830pm mesh meetup. Take care!
>> Alcides Gutierrez
>> http://e64.us
>> On Feb 27, 2013 9:02 PM, "Marina Kukso" <marina.kukso at gmail.com> wrote:
>>> Hi everyone,
>>> Welcome to the sudo radio listserv!
>>> What is the current status of the radio? What have people been working
>>> on? What do we need to move forward?
>>> Marina
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