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Naomi Most pnaomi at gmail.com
Thu Feb 28 19:03:42 PST 2013

Hey everybody, I am indeed on this list and eager to make something happen.

Problem is, I am not sure quite what needs to happen.

Could we have an in person meeting about this, with as many parties present
as possible who are interested in the tech part (not so much producing the
shows) as possible?

We need to produce a flowchart that represents what should be playing, what
override what, and so on.

As well I want to introduce you guys to the toolkit I am using, liquidsoap,
because it is really fun.


On Thursday, February 28, 2013, wrote:

> Most definitely, I am hoping it would just consist of a box set up with an
> audio input and a big button that would start up a little script that runs
> a program (edcast, ices-cc, something like that) that takes the soundcard
> input and broadcasts it on dj2 or some other mountpoint.
> And we can also have other streams running on other mountpoints, like
> podcasts or whatever Naomi sets up. But we have to decide a mountpoint
> priority order to determine which stream people here when they connect to
> the main stream.
> On Feb 28, 2013, at 11:57 AM, Andrew wrote:
> Hi All,
> As Mischa pointed to. The current status of the radio is that the backend
> isn't defined and ready to go. I agree that we need to consolidate streams.
> I recently tested the DJ2 mount point to sudoradio.com from the radio
> room and it worked, so maybe we should just go with the solution that
> Mischa has. There was also talk of doing a mix of streams that Naomi was
> going to set up. Is she on this list?
> Again we need to get something set up that will allow for shows to start
> being streamed out from the radio room... or at least edited in the radio
> room and streamed out in a que based on a schedule. Once we have that set
> up we can move on to the fun part which is actually making shows.
> --Andrew
> On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 9:06 AM, rachel lyra hospodar <rachelyra at gmail.com
> > wrote:
> I will be at first Friday, and am eager to talk about radio stuff if you
> want to chat then! I'm curious if folks envision a sort of streaming music
> source, or a more open-access public radio station... in some ways they are
> very different, although we could incorporate aspects of both.
> R.
> mediumreality.com
> On Feb 28, 2013 8:59 AM, "rusty lindgren" <rustylindgren at gmail.com> wrote:
> +1 Mark... LMAO!
> Um, ethics are first philosophy, so I think we should figure out what's
> legal in tandem, and just start building the monster.   There are a lot of
> indie labels that offer cheap service, which we could subsidize with cheap
> ads.  It's about $200 a month to pay for licensing, and the music is solid.
>  Creative commons is usually junk, to Wooster's point.  And, if we could
> quickly build a user base, and even bundle an app for our tunes, I'm
> confident that we could pay for $200 a month or come close to it.
> We can build the antenna, but it might be more reasonable to buy one.  Who
> can meet up on this next week?
> -Rusty
> On Thu, Feb 28, 2013 at 12:33 AM, mark burdett <mark at 510pen.org> wrote:
> Hi,
> I haven't been in there in a while. does the studio have a mixer that can
> handle a few mics + a few line-level sources? i.e. something better than
> the little DJ mixer I donated. It'd also be nice to have a relay to shutoff
> the studio monitors when the mic is potted up.
> Comet CFM-95SL is a pretty nice antenna and we can get it for under $100 (if
> someone can build something better, go for it :)
> I can help scrounge up parts to make a better+cheaper amp than what FRB
> offers. maybe we could schedule an amp building workshop soon.
> Hi friendly neighborhood FCC person reading the list archives! isn't free
> speech awesome.
> --mark B.
> On Wed, Feb 27, 2013 at 11:35 PM, Mischa Spiegelmock <
> thadwooster at gmail.com> wrote:
> Current status is somewhat indeterminate. There exists radio.sudoroom.org,
> a site with two mp3 streaming players, one pointed at a stream that Andrew
> set up I believe, and an icecast2 server that I set up at sudoradio.com.
> I can't speak much about the other stream, but it was silent when I tried
> playing it earlier.
> For the sudoradio.c <http://sudoradio.com/>

Naomi Theora Most
naomi at nthmost.com

skype: nthmost

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