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Mon Dec 2 11:53:40 PST 2013

Dear Sudo folk.

Our landlords have expressed their frustration that our current use of the common area has deterred their ability to rent out the other units in the Sudo wing of 2141 Broadway.

Apparently, Robert Wenzel - the other tenant (other than the Bay Area Public School), who preceded all of our occupancy of the space at 2141 Broadway, has moved his office in frustration over the common area, in particular as a result of people consistently sleeping there.

The use of the common area as space being sub-leased to groups unconnected with the current tenants has also been a cause of miscommunication over our current lease. While our landlords are in full support of our making it a popular community space, our current practices have diverged from their hopes of how they want the space to be used.

For those who are interested in exploring possibilities for renting/buying/creating a coop at the current location, a listserv has been created to facilitate the development of such a plan under the interim codename Sudo Hall. Please feel free to sign up at: http://lists.sudoroom.org/listinfo/hall

The objective of this forum is to complement the research and discussion that has been ongoing regarding spaces suitable for Sudo Room activities and of interest to the Sudo Room constellation of communities. The sudospaces list can continue to be (or begin to be, more accurately) the appropriate venue for sharing such information and enabling coordination to take advantage of the opportunities that come up. 

Given our lease renewal deadline of the end of the year, I imagine that the new Sudo Hall list can reduce the overlapping confusion of coalescing like-minded groups for shared and common purposes; and the exploration of physical spaces where this collective of collectives finds its home(s).

Amongst the communities I am personally most interested in reaching in the immediate term are those who could make best use of the dance/yoga/pilates studio space with the wooden floor in between Sudo Room and the Bay Area Public School. 

It is my hope that the prudent use of these two lists for their complementary purposes can minimize friction between competing interests and ideas and rather serve to enable cooperative planning in a transparent way while not interfering with all the projects that are ongoing. The general community can be updated (through sudo-discuss) at critical junctures in the evolution of developing plans.

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