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Thanks Eddan, I've subscribed to sudohall.

I think it is nice to have  a more serious list - the discussions on
sudoDiscuss are not so action-oriented.

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> Dear Sudo folk.
> Our landlords have expressed their frustration that our current use of the
> common area has deterred their ability to rent out the other units in the
> Sudo wing of 2141 Broadway.
> Apparently, Robert Wenzel - the other tenant (other than the Bay Area
> Public School), who preceded all of our occupancy of the space at 2141
> Broadway, has moved his office in frustration over the common area, in
> particular as a result of people consistently sleeping there.
> The use of the common area as space being sub-leased to groups unconnected
> with the current tenants has also been a cause of miscommunication over our
> current lease. While our landlords are in full support of our making it a
> popular community space, our current practices have diverged from their
> hopes of how they want the space to be used.
> For those who are interested in exploring possibilities for
> renting/buying/creating a coop at the current location, a listserv has been
> created to facilitate the development of such a plan under the interim
> codename Sudo Hall. Please feel free to sign up at:
> http://lists.sudoroom.org/listinfo/hall
> The objective of this forum is to complement the research and discussion
> that has been ongoing regarding spaces suitable for Sudo Room activities
> and of interest to the Sudo Room constellation of communities. The
> sudospaces list can continue to be (or begin to be, more accurately) the
> appropriate venue for sharing such information and enabling coordination to
> take advantage of the opportunities that come up.
> Given our lease renewal deadline of the end of the year, I imagine that
> the new Sudo Hall list can reduce the overlapping confusion of coalescing
> like-minded groups for shared and common purposes; and the exploration of
> physical spaces where this collective of collectives finds its home(s).
> Amongst the communities I am personally most interested in reaching in the
> immediate term are those who could make best use of the dance/yoga/pilates
> studio space with the wooden floor in between Sudo Room and the Bay Area
> Public School.
> It is my hope that the prudent use of these two lists for their
> complementary purposes can minimize friction between competing interests
> and ideas and rather serve to enable cooperative planning in a transparent
> way while not interfering with all the projects that are ongoing. The
> general community can be updated (through sudo-discuss) at critical
> junctures in the evolution of developing plans.
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