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First Response Oakland is a grassroots initiative to cultivate a network of coordinated response and aid for emergency and disaster preparedness. To this end, we seek to:

  • learn essential skills for how to protect yourself and your community in the event of an emergency (earthquake, tsunami, fire, paramilitary attacks, etc;)
  • build human and communications infrastructure
  • map local resources and skilled professionals
  • create evacuation plans
  • build home emergency kits and mobile kits (in the case of immediate evacuation)

Our first event will be a CORE I training on February 21st, outlined here:

Please sign up for this event in advance at the CORE I RSVP page!


  • Communities of Oakland Respond to Emergencies (CORE)
  • - Preparedness and recovery platform for coordinating volunteers, managing donations etc;
  • Crisis Commons - "A global community of volunteers from technology, crisis response organizations, government agencies, and citizens that are working together to build and use technology tools to help respond to disasters and improve resiliency and response before a crisis."