Meeting Notes 2015-03-04

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Icebreaker: What does Sudo Room need the most?

  • Jenny - a FUNdraiser party! show and tell, tesla coil concert
  • Matt - stoked on party, way to celebrate & invite past supporters - really, what it needs the most is some TLC
  • Mark - general cleanliness, aiming toward that, greater organization to create more space
  • Moose - infinite shelf space! if we just build the shelves a bit higher and get some jetbacks we're all set
  • Maribel - more space to work with
  • Connor - cleaning, disposal of misc, decluttering, get the momentum going to put things back where they belong
      • digression about lots of wood full of nails, we need a wood rack, we could use the excess wood to put the wood on; fire risk, need to stack it super cleanly; please use it and build things! ***
  • Robb - make waves collective band, only requirement is that you make your instrument; pressing cuz we need it for the fundraiser
  • remote yar - people who are doing a lot of the boring stuff need a break so they can do more fun hackery stuff +! :)


  • Robb found a box. It's reflective!
  • Stick around to discuss throwing a fundraising party
  • Don't Spy On Us - a music benefit in collaboration with Restore the Fourth and the Oakland Privacy Working Group - March 23rd 2015 w/ bands and musicians - proceeds split between the national Restore the Fourth org and Sudo Room!
  • Sudo Mesh org/outreach meetings now on Tuesdays, hacknights on Thursdays

New Members

  • Maribel
    • Why sudo? Having a lot of fun coming by. Was doing Cyber Wizard in January, programming in January. Seeing what she can be part of and participate in.
    • What do? Programming projects, javascript night.
    • What share? Daytime study group, hosting one!
    • Banned? Nope


  • $827.72 in Internet Credit Union Acct
  • Sudo credit coming for paying for Internet since July and accidental deposit of $870.73
  • $515.75/wk from Gratipay
    • Solvency goal: $625/wk
  • Once we fill our standing funds, excess goes to projects!

Omni Proposals

Berkeley Liberation Radio application for membership - 26 Feb 2015

1. Mission statement Berkeley Liberation Radio exists to provide a voice for the diverse community within the Berkeley / Oakland area and beyond. Further, it is a vehicle that we establish to bring about social change. Consistent with a vision of creating an alternative diverse hybrid society free of sexism, homophobia, racism, and all other forms of oppression, programming on Berkeley Liberation Radio will be reflective of those goals and ideals. 2. Origin and group history We started up after the shutdown of Free Radio Berkeley (1998) and the staff lockout at KPFA (1999). There was no free speech on the radio in Berkeley and we wanted to do something about that. We have been on the air, off and on, for the past 15 years and served our local area with music and information outside the media mainstream. We also serve as a training facility for people who want to learn how to do radio. 3. Participation in the Omni We are in solidarity with the goals of your collective and would like to help make it a reality. We would like to use one of the sound studios in the basement as our webcast studio and possibly use the common area for our organizing meetings (twice a month). Occasionally, we hold benefit shows and would like to use the theater area for those shows. 4. Group finances and paying rent Members of our collective pay monthly dues on a sliding scale basis and we supplement our income with occasional benefit shows. We are not real insistent on people paying dues, which has led to us possibly being evicted from our space in West Oakland. If we do join your group, we might have to be more “hardcore” about the dues contributions. 5. Dedicated space A room ten foot square would be adequate for our uses, but if we have a larger space, we could do live band broadcasts and such. 6. Other contributions to the Omni We would be a radio service for all of the collectives at the Omni, helping with outreach and broadcasting information about events at the space. We would make our equipment available to anyone who has something to say on the air, as long as it doesn’t conflict with our mission statement. Our volunteers all have regular time slots, but there are many places in the schedule that are open currently. 7. Additional Our group, like all collective efforts, has had it’s ups and downs. We get great people coming in sometimes, but then they move on for various reasons. The core members of the group are determined to keep going, but we could benefit greatly from the technical and organizational talent in your group. Some folks think we are dysfunctional, but that’s mostly because we don’t have anyone in charge. There are no bosses. We use the concensus model for decision making and that’s not always the most efficient way to get things done. Still we survive and would like to join you.


  • Matt talked with someone from this group the other day, assessing their needs.
  • They set up a computer on the internet that connects to their transmitters. Maybe they don't need 10 square feet
  • How badly do they need the office space?
  • Someone said they have regular programming from 8-8
  • This doesn't work in the basement. Impossible to add soundproofing to the basement ceilings, ballroom events are fairly continuous and loud and will conflict with their programming
  • Quietest place is the walk-in freezer...
  • What are your needs re: quiet?
  • Can you clarify your financial contribution? Rent is a real thing here.

Not enough sudoers to consent, but the above concerns need to be addressed anyway

La Commune use of bunker room storage, March 1,2015

La Commune would like to request use of the shelves in the small section of the bunker room for the storage of books. (Space marked in red on the floorplan sent with email to consensus and discuss listservs.) We would like to propose paying an additional $100/ mo rent for use of these shelves. Once the cafe opens in La Commune, we would like to re-evaluate this amount with the hope of being able to contribute even more monthly rent.

  • Setting up a temp cafe would be nice
  • Coordinate with kitchen committee re: plumbing & permits
  • Building committee meets Sat @ 10am, Sun @ 1pm, Mon @ 8pm


  • Phat Beets update: no corporate money, small grants, break even on the farmers markets, paid staff and youth, incubate rad projects; the only space that really works for them is the small OMP room in the basement; are willing to demo the walls w/ the mold in the basement connected rooms - 'targeted sweat equity'
  • Cleaning the space!!1
    • Fair warning: Documented public announce that personal things should be claimed, labelled and/or collected or they may be discarded
    • Assess needs, what do we not have a need for insofar as cluttering the space?
    • SUDO DEEP FLUSH, epic cleaning and de-crufting happening the weekend of the 14th and 15th, in preparation for fundraiser the following weekend
  • Sudo fundraiser party!!
    • March 21st tentative date
    • Ask Fermentation Station folks to brew another batch for the fundraiser [Jenny]
    • Tesla coil as headliner
    • Show and tell
    • Open mic
    • Somewhere between Cirque de Freak and kindergarten show and tell
    • Start in sudo, move to Disco Room, move about the Omni
    • Source ideas
    • Sudo Mate brew! [Matt and Jenny]