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Welcome to the Oakland Mesh Meeting: Freedom Edition.

... liberating ourselves from the telecoms since January 2013!


  • Max B, Juul, Jenny, Jordan, Mitar, Adrian


  • Crowdfunding campaign is doing great with 26 days remaining: $2,053.00 (WePay), $56.92 (BitCoin)
  • Juul has started putting together bylaws for 501c3 status! -
  • International Community Wireless Summit in Berlin Oct. 2-4:
    • Jenny submitted a workshop proposal and applied for travel funding


  • Mitar from wlan-slovenia:
   ** Must be strategic and have many nodes
   ** Abundance of fiber / connectivity
   ** Major difficulty was getting beyond the techies and reaching the masses
   ** Primary selling point was to open wireless networks and choosing how much of one's bandwidth they can share, enabling connectivity across the whole city.
   ** Protected by connecting through a VPN tunnel to central servers.
   ** Get folks to deploy their own nodes - so they don't think of the mesh as a service provided, but rather a DIY endeavor
   ** Lead by example, the village / neighborhood will follow
   ** Point of centralization is the two guys with root access to the server who administer the nodes, firmware upgrades, etc (plz correct if incorrect)
   ** Focus on scalability
   ** Made a simple GUI for indicating router and getting an image instantly created for it


  • Brainstorm on name for the mesh!
    • COM - Cutting Out the Middleman
    • OWN - Oakland Wireless Network
    • Mitar recommends hacing the name by unaffiliated with the hackerspace and non-geographically-specific
  • Tax Status:
   ** 501(c)4 - non-tax-deductible
   ** 501(c)3 - can't do party politics (but can be political? - EFF is a 501(c)3!)
  • Social pressure to allocate bandwidth to the mesh, sharing connectivity
  • Adrian suggests, owning the first 100 nodes, with gradual replacement as the network grows to a full-on decentralized model
  • Our model as a 501c3 is to serve as a facilitator for the mesh.

Old Action Items

New Action Items

  • Reach out to the Berkeley folks to aim to reach the Internet Archive Richmond node (jenny)
  • Blog post on our setup of the first two nodes and describing the hardware we received (jenny)
  • Let's make a flier! Who can help? (jenny will start a thread on the list)
  • Next reportback on an active mesh - Jenny on OTI/Commotion
  • Research resilient ethernet cable (Adrian?)
    • Tune the OpenWRT settings on the new nodes for RTS / CTS and ACK timing
  • Name brainstorm! Add to the "Naming" page here:
  • Website (contingent on name)
  • Splash page design