Mesh/07 November 2013

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November 7th Hacknight


  • Jenny, Jeremy, Rhodey, Marc, Olivia, Jake


  • Jeremy has been researching batman
  • Jenny researching case studies of other networks
  • Marc set up a build server in the sudo closet
  • Max has been setting it up
  • Marc went up to Sacramento - we are incorporated!
  • Rhodey working on watchdog script


  • node configuration completion
  • assigns IP addresses and makes sure that newly-assigned IPs are unique
  • each gateway node is a DHCP server
    • problem: request for IP address forwarded to the nearest gateway - but rather, we should get it from the nearest node. if there's no internet, it shouldn't give you a gateway - rather, every single node should be its own DHCP server


  • Local URLs for Admin and LocalApps printed on stickers on the PoE adapter
  • Most concur packet injection when there are no network problems is bad
  • We could make a browser extension that hosts the different local applications [eg SudoMesh Portal]
  • Could bundle security features like HTTPS everywhere
  • We could set up DNS naming conventions eg; .pizza, .oakland that would be subdomains of .local

Action Items

  • Write to Max O about the splash page (jenny)
  • Finish up Watchdog script (rhodey)
  • Finish up firmware (juul)