Mesh/09 October 2014

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  • Jenny Working on take-home pamphlet, next week visiting internet archive
  • Let's flash some nodes for BACH Unconference!
  • Jehan's been working on the service-browser - wants to add upvoting for reputation
    • Marc has some ideas for implementing security on top
  • Jay and Mike visiting from the South Bay, working on single-board computers - want to possibly incorporate mesh - also looking at tv whitespace - 802.11f can get 20 mile range - want to bring it down to mobile level as well
  • Max working on various technical issues. Last week worked on upgrading to Barrier Breaker (new version of OpenWRT).
  • Alex working on firmware
  • Juul working on firmware, prepping to do a large-scale deployment. Fixing mdns
  • Melvin lives in Davis, just kinda lurking tonight.
  • Dan testing nodes. Has a lead on some sweet antennas


  • Crimpin' kits - new toys! check out the mesh toolbox
  • NFC bracelets (16 pounds of bracelet)
  • Nonprofit Software Dev Summit
  • Time for Planned Outage

Action Items

  • Order routers (juul fail) and CAT6 for Omni
  • Get into dev summit
  • Flash some Nodes with Dan
  • SSL meshnode-db
  • Breakout Intro/Discussion stuff
  • Inventory Assesment
  • Check in with people who've checked out equipment
  • Jehan and Marc Security Models Service Browser *hand waving*
  • Alex P is going to check in with electrical folks for downtime
  • Npm publish new ipk-builder package

Service Browser Security

What would an authentication server need to do? - Able to create unique accounts