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This is about a particular printer. There's a separate page about creating or acquiring 3D models.

Current Status

It's under the 3D printing desk in questionable condition. It has served us well!


SudoRoom has a Type A Machine. It was generously donated by Jae Kwon in fall 2012.

Tuesdays 5-9 is our hack night dedicated to 3D Printing. Stop by and learn, create, play!

See our gallery of creations!

We're working on using this machine to print a RepRap.


Wiring configuration for Series 1 Typa 3d Printer; Orange to Green; Purple to Clear; Red/Black to Red/Black

The printer is currently working! (March 4th, 2014)

Notes about the bed:

  • Our acrylic bed was warped by sunlight, so we clamped a glass bed on top of it.
  • The glass is flat, so you can print big things again.
  • You still need to adjust the corner screws to keep things level. Make sure they are tight or they wiggle and fall off.
  • The nozzle should be just a millimeter or so above the bed. Tip: wiggle a piece of paper under it - heavy friction means a little too close.
  • We need more ScotchBlue #2093EL tape.

Extruder Hot End

Our extruder is has a 12v cartridge heater and .35mm nozzle. This is standard for extruding a 1.75mm PLA filament. Type A is routinely out of stock, but replacement kits can be found here: http://www.makergear.com/products/extruders

Attached Computer

The printer can attach to any computer by USB, but usually it's attached to a Linux machine called "sudodesk." It runs Linux Mint which does not have much helpful software in its repos, so the desktop user "sudoer" has these installed locally:

  • slic3r (turns STL files into gcode)
  • kisslicer (alternative to slic3r)
  • pronterface (operates the printer, which accepts gcode)

We can also give you your own user! Contact yar or jerkey.

If using Printrun/Pronerface/Pronsole the baudrate is 230400.


One of the first things newcomers notice is the beautiful sound created by a 3D printer. I think it's especially nice when printing curved lines, when the X and Y axes sing in harmonic, contrapuntal motion. When printing perfect circles, it's as if the celestial spheres are whispering mathematical truths into your ears.

3D printers also play dubstep.

External Links

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