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This thing is not currently being worked on right now. Hopefully someone can pick it up

GeoLocation collaboration(s) to raise awareness of SudoRoom + extend SudoRoom's presence in the intersections between Broadway, 19th & franklin.

SudoSquare Projects

SudoSquare iPhone App

This is a do-ocracy. Please collaborate.

IPhone App upcoming features

  • enable easy check-ins to SudoRoom on social networks to help spread the word
  • Showcase SudoRoom art, poetry, political messages to passersby using the iPhone app
  • more to come, perhaps a geolocation game?

SudoSquare Web

During Art murmur try to check in on yelp, foursquare, Facebook to alert casual passerby's with mobile phones of SudoRoom presence.

SudoSquare Android App

Coming Soon