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This was one of the most vibrant meetings I've been to so far!
Really smart discussion on rebranding of SudoRoom, our brand equity and a nice survey of logos / branding of other hackerspaces from around the world! So smart!
Yardena commences production of SudoRoom fridge magnets! All hail additive manufacturing! Selling these will help fund the space

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Attendees: Len, Jae, Andrew, Christine, Steve, William, Marina, Matt, Beau, Sam, Erik, Troy, Adam, Jenny, Anthony R, Jehan, George, Eddan, Evan, Marc, Max, Tracy


*Hacker Happy Hour

*Recording space in the building
*Matt brought a bike stand!
*Beau has a mobile hackerspace!
*Eric is planning an intro programming course: 'From Zero to Minimum Wage'
*Inclusivity: What is a way to open up the space to kids?
---> External Meeting at First Saturdays:
*Eddan brings up the need to more clearly define 'Safe Space' so as to avoid overly generalized interpretations of the term.
*Sunday 7-9 (and all of Sunday more generally) is Cleanup day!
*GORP: Goldrush Operations Research Project in tandem w/ Oakland Wiki (talk to Eddan)
*Event on Jan. 20th @ Sound Room (downstairs) re: vintage synthesizers��
*Inquiry re: membership dues/costs from a new person: "It's unclear how much $$ is expected from a new person who's considering becoming a member."
*Beau has video production he'd like to share, but in a secure, less 'public' space


0. introductions
1. updates
2. announcements
3. fiscal solvency
4. amendments to the compact
5. meta-organization
6. conflict resolution

  • 0. Introductions
  • 1. updates
    • # end 0:00pm
    • door access - are we ready to begin distributing the url that allows access to the space?
    • internet
    • sudo radio updates- next step: a workstation
    • inclusivity

  • Amendment Proposal: Issue of items "loaned" to the space - do we want to have a written policy on this? (MK)
  • discussion: what are expectations? get expectations in writing as a solution on case by case basis?
  • challenge: safety, security of the object(s), owner needing access to it a certain amount of the time
  • experience from labitat: only accept for indefinite loans, ok if it breaks, and req. a certain amount of notification time before requiring it to be given back.

    • Steve on: Loan vs Lending - If SR decides they don't want it anymore; if some serious rift occurs between lender and SR; wear & tear vs. accidental damage vs. stupid damage

  • 5. meta-organization
    • '''
    • Process: Riseup Pad throughout the week --> reminder about Wed. mtg + last call for agenda additions (on Tues.) --> notetaking during meeting --> Post to wiki --> Post to mailing list (newsletter style)
    • EASY WIKI TO-DOs we can start tonight :)
      • list of members => done
      • user pages => done
      • user page profiles => done
      • completed projects with documentation
      • existing notes from sudo weekend => done
      • education page
      • move monthly payment list to a more accessible location => done
      • onboarding/faq/sudoroom history => partially done. could use more!
      • how to pay your membership
      • suggestion: a sign letting people know the ownership of things right when they enter the space.

  • 6. conflict resolution
    • meta-suggestion: a third party to help arrange two potential conflicting parties in identifying "a consenting, neutral, mutually agreed-upon third-party."

  • Possibly some discussion of what relationship the irc channel "#sudoroom" on freenode has to the organization, the space, and the compact.

  • Timon

  • The complaint:
  • On more than one occasion, Timon has acted aggressively and behaved in a threatening manner. On one occasion, in the middle of the night, Timon refused to leave the space and made Jenny feel unsafe. On an earlier, unrelated occasion Marc felt unsafe when Timon approached him and spoke to him aggressively.�