Meeting Notes 2013-02-06

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These notes are incomplete because etherpad vandalization began right as someone was typing the word "utilization" (they never got to finish)

Meeting length: just under an hour!!!

Attendees: Jordan, Jenny, Len, Tommy, JC, Ray, George, Boris, David, Sam, Diana, David, Julio, Matt, Anthony R, Marina, Mitch, Dennis, Troy, Garrett, Heshy, Timon, Anthony D

  • Discussion overflow
    • Coordination of common space with the Public School :D
    • Oakland City Police?
  • meta-organization
    • we have a discussion overflow page, but not a discussion page. if people wanted to bring items up for discussion, where would they go in the agenda? [new #'ed item?]
    • Hand signals -
  • Post-Meeting Meetups!
  • Notes:
    • Someone to hand out fliers during art murmur
      • these fliers could be really fun. I'm envisioning some sort of utiliz
    • Need to acquire bulletproof vests