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Physical Access


Sudoers are responsible parties who agree to the Articles of Association and in return receive benefits such as access to Sudo Room's resources. Therefore, it is imperative that a reasonable and intelligent mechanism for accessing the space be implemented. Further, it is the case that non-members do not have the same entitlement to access Sudo Room's resources without a member present. The barrier to entry to become a member is very low, so it is really the trade-off between responsibility and totally fluid access (have keys to enter at any time).


Sudo Room is wheelchair accessible, with an elevator and ADA-compliant restroom on the 2nd floor.

Public Access

Sudo Room is committed to public access, the ability for non-members (the public at large) to visit, and to utilize Sudo Room's resources for community improvement, especially along the lines of Sudo Room values.

Access and Inclusion

Read more about Inclusion.