Meeting Notes 2014-05-14

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Q: How do you prefer to break ice?

  • Marc - In a bag, with a hammer. Also saw a dolphon/porpoise today
  • Jenny - With her teeth. Also read Software by Rudy Rucker today. mindufck.
  • Jordan - Does not prefer to break ice using global warming. Does prefer underground tunneldiggers.
  • Matt - not with his mother's rolling pin (prefers trays)
  • Grant - not with his water bottle!
  • Noemie - likes to break ice with a hug or an awkward question
  • Pratap - likes using a chain saw
  • Vicky - by pouring hot water over it
  • peanut_gallery(1) - by hitting it lightly with the back of a spoon, or just going meta


  • Cryptoparty this sunday at sudo room from 2 to 5 pm
  • Corporations are always evil
    • Two of our sudoers (marina and praveen) spent the last few days at the share conference and they were there subverting the conference.
  • Vicky brought Chris Carlson a local historian to sudo room and he donated every copy of processed world to sudo room.
    • How do we keep them at sudo room without having them be ruined / removed
      • a clean box w/ gloves ^.^
      • donate to bancroft library?
  • Prelinger library editathon in July! Talk to Vicky
  • OUSD + sudo * vicky = !!! :]
    • Anyone interested in working with highschool after school programs come to meeting at June 10th in sudo room. Talk to vicky.
      • - making 'hackpacks' and hosting workshops for teens to learn how to use the tools
      • mesh folks will also be running workshops and ?possibly internship programs? for learning networking
      • yar wants to make them build their own 3d printers
  • Omni party tmrw @ sudo from 5-6:30pm - bring food to share! newcomers very welcome!

Omni update

  • feedback requested on Omni bylaws, please send by Monday!
  • lease has not yet been signed - owners feel a june 1 move-in is too soon for them to be able to move their stuff
  • letter of intent legally binds the owners to not negotiate with other potential buyers/renters 'til june 1st
  • we are probably just going to delay til july 1st
  • we gave our 30-day notice on May 4th
    • should we act for an extension until July 1st?
      • may lose members if we shut down for a month
      • may engage members more to solicit help and leadership in moving & building the new space
      • general vibey fingers. matt writes a thing.
  • structural inspection was today. notes via Hol:
   "Roof is in pretty good shape as of now. some minor patching of the roofing as well as a secondary downspout for drainage to the SE corner. skylights are DEFINITELY not to code since they are corrugated polycarbonate and not very waterproof. There is visible water damage on the ceiling and along structural elements in the walls but it looks like it happened a while back. overall roof could make it until its natural replacement life 10-15 years from now with only the minor patching being done. There is some splitting of 2 of the main columns in the bocce ball court but Matt wasn't too worried about it. overall roof trusses are in great shape. need to open up some of that drywall and look at the condition of the studs before we would agree to buy the place. Outside wall to the south has severely damaged siding, possibly 20% should be replaced. More water damage could be uncovered as we go in, but it looks like siding could be a significant cost item already. Matt kept inspecting (I asked him to do the bocce ball court first thing after the roof and ext) and I talked to John about storage then came back, so this is all I got. Hopefully Cere or David or Zach will be able to chime in with more about the other spaces.

Cere and I talked to John about stuff that is OK to keep in the bocce ball court including tables, computer parts, tools, wood (lots of good stuff, not scrap), furniture, plastic bins, shelving, etc. I was trying to get a sense of whether or not we would be able to clear off some table space that we could set our cargo from sudo room on, and that they could pack around without being in the way, but it sounds like June 1st all that would be available is the basement. I think they are also going to be moving things out of there too. I have asked sudoers active on this list to help figure out our needs for the month of June and how to best meet them, but I want to get a sense from BAPS and CCL on their needs. I know BAPS also gave 30 days' notice but don't have too too much to store, right? Also is CCL OK to keep stuff (at Ahnon's?) for another month? My sense from talking to the owners was that even talking about bringing more stuff in before they've picked through and gotten to a point that they're comfortable leaving raises their stress level, so it may be that it simplifies negotiations to cut the idea of pre-storage out, or it may not, I just met John today but they seem pretty stressed about the pace of things. It may still be wise to give them a relief valve of keeping *some* stuff in the common areas after july 1st with reduced rent, or it may make the schedule more protracted than necessary. What do y'all think? Was there a price discussed for storage in the basement or was it going to be free?

  • owner is insuring the roof for two years and will replace any skylights that need repair

Feedback to Omni

  • should definitely waive omni rent for june
  • section for arts & crafts
  • we are planning to stay open through June, looks like we will be pursuing staying in place at 2141 Broadway. More information TBA


Vegan cheese

  • Logos
  • Patents and lawyers
    • The real vegan cheese project is looking for a patent lawyer who may be willing to help us out

New Members (5 minutes max)

Potential members can ask for an excepton from contributing membership dues based on refusal to participate in the monetary system or financial hardship. One must request this exception, with an explanation, at a sudo room meeting. There is no rule about work-trade, but sudo room does support and depend on members, potential members, and our wider community to contribute in non-monetary ways--and it is an explicit goal to encourage this, as outlined in the Articles of Association.

Consensus Items

Section 2.1 Qualifications for Membership


  • Successfully completing the process for becoming a member, below:

Section 2.1.0 Process for becoming a member

  1. Declaration of Intent to Join
    • To become a member, a person must submit a brief written or spoken "Declaration of Intent to Join" where they answer the following questions:
      • What is your (pseudo)nym and/or name?
      • Why do you want to be a member of sudo room?
      • What are you excited about hacking at sudo room?
      • What are you excited about sharing with sudo room?
  2. Initial Pondering
    • It is only possible to become a member at the weekly sudo room meeting. Prospective members should attend if possible but can submit a written declaration if they are not able to attend in person.
    • At the sudo room weekly meeting, every prospective member must leave the room while the existing members have a chance to bring up any concerns or reasons why the prospective member(s) should not be allowed membership (referred to as the "Initial Pondering").
      • The intent is for it to be very easy for new members to join, so only very serious concerns should be brought up.
      • If any existing member objects to a prospective new member becoming a member, and this cannot be resolved through discussion, then the prospective member will not be allowed membership.
      • Unreasonable or frequent blocking of new members by an existing member is grounds for immediate termination of membership based on a 2/3 vote.
    • Upon completing the "Initial Pondering", such prospective members must be communicated to the sudo room mailing list within 24 hours, including their "Declaration of Intent to Join".
  3. Extended Pondering
    • After the Initial Pondering, if there are no objections, there will be one week for sudo room members to raise objections as to why the prospective member should not be allowed to join (referred to as the "Extended Pondering").
    • If there are no objections raised during the "Extended Pondering", the prospective member will become a member.
      • The intention is to provide sufficient time to ensure all concerns of those unable to attend the meeting may be heard.
    • The new member will be added to the membership list and given access to desired and relevant assets and services of sudo room.
    • No announcement of this change of status after the "Extended Pondering" is necessary.


peanut gallery:

  • Have you tried turning your hackerspace off and on again?
  • Sometimes you need to plug into a different outlet.
  • Try a linux live cd
  • try only holding down the control key *lightly*

Action Items

  • fix gittip bank account - Did Jordan do this? no
  • research our tenants' rights regarding our deposit (Vicky + to be returned within 30 days after possession by landlord, but commercial leases can bargain away any right, so lease terms would supercede, if different.
  • Convene new member onboarding team: Jenny, Vicky, Juul, Daniel, Jordan
  • Send a callout re: network equipment wishlist
  • Organize layout