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Current usage

Below are some photographs of sudo room's current usage of our rental space at 2141 Broadway:


2141 is upstairs, 2135 is downstairs, but the actual property address is:

2147 Broadway
Oakland, CA 94612
  • Parcel Number: 8-648-1
  • Last Evaluation (taxable value)
    • Land: $2.875 (2004)
    • Improvements: $1.25 (1997)
    • Total: $3.319 (2013)

This is an overview of the spaces available at 2141 Broadway in Oakland. We will be touring this space with other interested East Bay hacker groups on Saturday, October 27th at noon.

All spaces are month-to-month. The large common area has a kitchen, skylight, and carpeting. Elevator access and proximity to BART makes the space super-accessible!


Currently Partitioned Rooms

  • $800
  • $900


  • $1000 (above: hardwood floor, skylight)
  • Total: $2700

Other Available Spaces


  • $1650 George's office (above)
  • $1650 retail space next door, starting December.
    • Thoughts on this space: 3D Print Shop (short term)? Coyote Collective retail storefront & workshop (long term)?
  • $350 mezannine room w/ window overview of first floor shop.
  • $250 mezannine windowless
  • $450 eddan's mezzanine office (v. large, windowless, could be a good space for a startup)