Meeting Notes 2015-06-24

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tSudoroom Meeting Wednesday June 24, 2015

last week:


icebreaker q: what do you think about dogs?

  • yar: i like them when they're housebroken
  • sam: do well when they don't bite me
  • ian: monodogonous
  • james: learning latex
  • karissa: like em. in packs of 3+
  • jessie; they're exciting
  • puck: i'm a service dog in training. if i jump up, say down and i'll listen. you're allowed to pet me (for now).
  • jenny: all power to the puppies
  • matt: doing sound setup for the google thing. sucker for puppies.


  • jenny: chips & infinite salsa. take salsa home.
  • "fuck off google" screening at 8pm in ballroom. that's in 35 minutes.
  • <-- this works now
  • SELC legal cafe tomorrow night in basement
  • omni's gonna buy the building. we found $1 million under the couch cushion. "until the revolution" working group meeting mondays at 6:30


  • gratipay's payment processor is shutting down. but jenny & marc set up paypal so it will still work.


  • giant list of shit needing fixing
  • probably scheduling inspection in the next week! by the end of june!!!
  • ballroom sound wall passed inspection. now for insulation & sheetrocking. Joe L, Sean F, working 10-5 weekdays. join them.
  • please work on doors
  • ton of electrical tasks around building. breakers, bulbs, fixtures...
  • look at the list

in sudo

  • piles of wood == death
    • wood storage in proper location == life
  • extinguishers -- jenny will follow up
  • rehanging door
  • running conduit -- ping whitney
  • puppysitting while jessie does stuff -- jenny will follow up
  • sand basement door
  • does basement door need a closer? legally seems not for some reason. will defer
  • covered ceiling light in hallway

new members


  • grew up in santa rosa, moved here 1.5 years ago. works at nonprofit w/max ogden. cowork with substack. like hanging out here. live in [location redacted]
  • people were talking about sudoroom in bloomington, indiana.
  • why? commons are important. now that i work from home i want to put energy into a place that's trying to do the right thing.
  • what hack? hardware stuff. also being part of a big multi-networked organized troupe of people.
  • what share? programming (js, python, sql, java)
  • 10.1 participate with a smile and a fist
  • 10.2 through resistance of debt and capitalism as an extension-of-debt
  • 10.3 respect of an insight of technology
  • values? common space, nonhierarchical, supposed to be safe, everything's open seemingly, anyone can participate. focused on doing things.
  • history? visited 2141. it's taken a lot of work to get to this place. there were some rough times. started out trying to not be like noisebridge or something
  • jenny: no that was AMT. although...
  • solidarity? seems great. very inclusive. lovely. i like how people are calling out other people for wanting to call the cops. that's cool.
  • safer space policy? been lurking for 6 months. pretty familiar with what's going on. hard to create a safe space but people are trying. encapsulating nonhierarchical values, people in the space have to be hte stewards and prevent things form happening.
  • never banned, not a cop or cat
  • what makes you happy? people that acutally help each other do things. working together. need to collaborate. get sad when i'm alone. try to be very social.
  • 23
  • freelancing? DAT, git for data. debt collective would be nice...
  • getting more excited about building more p2p apps and getting more hackery

pending members

  • 6/17: jessie, patrick OD
  • 5/20: matthew stewart, rob, AZ, carl

Action Items

  • Running more conduit in sudo - ping Whitney