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For newcomers, read the Welcome page first.

How to join

1. Start by showing up to a weekly event on the calendar. See also: Directions to the space

2. After spending some time in the space, ask a current member in good standing to nominate you by emailing the [sudo-members] list (it is also encouraged to CC [sudo-discuss]).

  • You may also use the Declaration of Intent form, but the membership process does not start until a nomination/+1 from a current member in good standing

3. A "pondering period" of four weeks starts when the first member nominates you. During this time, the prospective member should be present in the space and should seek two additional nominations from members in good standing. Any member in good standing may block based on interactions in this period.

4. After four weeks, if there are no blocks and 3 nominations, you are a member.

Membership requirements

The only requirements for becoming a member are to be in good standing with Sudo Room, and to pay monthly dues, of anywhere between $10 and �. We suggest a monthly due of $60, and accept non-monetary contributions, such as delicious snacks brought to our Wednesday night meetings. No one is turned away for lack of resources; work-trade arrangements can also be made for those unable to afford dues, or those who refuse to engage in the monetary system.

Learn more about membership and governance! Check out our Articles of Association and our FAQ.

Join an email list! Lists can be found at Our most active list is Discuss. If you would just like announcements, join Announce.