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If you're new, read about us and then check our FAQ if there's something you'd like to know.

How to join

1. Introduce yourself! Talk to any member or email to get more info.

2. Show up to an event on the calendar. See also: Directions to the space

3. Ask a current member in good standing to nominate you by emailing the [sudo-members] list (it is also encouraged to CC [sudo-discuss]).

  • You may also use the Declaration of Intent form, but the membership process does not start until a nomination/+1 from a current member in good standing

4. After you're nominated, you'll be asked to come to a meeting so anyone who wishes to meet you can.

5. A one-week pondering period follows your introduction meeting during which time any member can raise an objection to block an application for membership. If no one opposes your membership, after one week you're in!

Membership requirements

There are two requirements for becoming a member:

1. Be in good standing with Sudo Room by adhering to our code of conduct and

2. pay monthly dues reasonable for your means. The standard recommendation is $60, but no one is turned away for lack of resources; work-trade arrangements can also be made for those unable to afford dues, or those who refuse to engage in the monetary system.

Learn more about membership and governance! Check out our Articles of Association and our FAQ.

Once you've joined

To get building access, message

Join email lists! Lists can be found at Our most active list is Discuss. If you would just like announcements, join Announce.

Join a working group!

Check out our ways to participate page, and feel free to add things to it if you'd like to recruit others for a project!

Members may want to also request access to the following services in order to plan events or otherwise get involved. To get access to any or all of these, or

  • The Wordpress site
  • This wiki
  • The Sudo Room index of listservs
  • The Omni Commons Slack channel
  • The Sudo Room Discord server