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Working groups are informal groups of people collaborating on a topic. They can be related to upkeep of Sudo Room itself, focused on a project, or just a shared interest!

Facilities Group

The facilities group maintains the physical and digital infrastructure of Sudo Room. They coordinate repairs, cleaning, and upgrades. You can find more information about our facility here or reach the facilities working group by emailing

Membership Group

The membership group recruits new members, orients them, and keeps new member info up to date. You can reach the membership group by emailing or contacting any members of the membership group: Andy Gross

Finances group

The fiances group manages our funds along. More information can be found under Finance.

Comms group

The comms group manages Sudo Room's communication, including social media profiles, events listings, and email listservs. The comms group can be reached by emailing

Admins group

The admins group manages general day-to-day operations of the hackerspace. It's like a board, except we have no elections or special privileges. Actions include things like running meetings and planning parties. The admins groups is open to any member who wants to participate in making Sudo Room awesome. Contact the admins group by emailing

Laser Cutter Group

Users and fans of the laser cutter

Omni Delegates

Web Group