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Sudo Room’s income is collected through a Stripe API implemented through a custom web application called Sudo-Humans (link). This money passes into a bank account held by Omni Commons and banked with the Unified Financial Credit Union. Sudo Room’s obligations to Omni Commons are $2000. This obligation is transferred on a monthly basis by one of the members of the Omni Commons Finance working group.

One way to view monthly finances

finance cycle infographic
  • Revenues
    • recurring
      • member dues
      • community donations
    • one time
      • grants
      • events
    • programs (ongoing)
      • sudomate
      • subiir
      • lockers
      • mesh
    • projects (has an end)
      • sudouino
      • tshirts
  • Expenses
    • Fixed
      • rent
      • utils
      • internet
      • garbage
    • Variable
      • permits and legal
      • event support
    • Internal granting
      • Programs (ongoing)
      • Projects
  • Funds
    • Rainy day
    • Operations (month to month variable costs)
    • Maintenance (capital improvements)
    • Investments


  1. Monthly Procedure
    1. Total revenue subtract fixed costs
    2. If operations not full, top it off.
    3. x_0 % to rainy day
    4. fund programs
    5. fund projects
    6. x_1, x_2, x_3 %'s split into remaining funds

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