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people's open 11 June 2017 - nano temescal fair report

got a tiny table at 48th @ Telegraph with: email signup list - 8 emails, to be added to talked to HAM radio person from Hayward - he mentioned a yearly Field Test (in 2 wks from now) where all hamradio folks from Canada/US do disaster readiness training (Jorrit to follow-up) BYOI poster got a lot of interest disaster ping nice to point to and talk about a lot of interest in disaster radio (has more comprehensible application) flyer worked, something to take home or give to someone else extender node was a popular talking point the MAN (Mesh Area Network) is nice way of somewhat accurately explaining the mesh (if people are familiar with LAN and WAN terms) got two or three people who vaguely knew the term 'mesh' phone charger and solar panels were a nice touch, roped a few people in talked to geneologists(Kyrha) who travels the country in trailer, has a disaster relief certificate, could be good contact for disaster radio targeting cafes (internet connection too expensive, 16th St West Oakland) trouble coming across too much as an ISP (the forty guy) is there an assumption of regulation with corporations focus more on education and humanatarian aspects? figure out how to best manage the peoplesopen mailing list at (just invites for people to the workshop) and (currently linked from talk about this in Tuesday