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Hi! I am juul, also known as marc juul. template:ssh

Juul is currently based in Oakland, California.

currently active projects

less active projects

  • The Online Free Store. Software similar to GNU MediaGoblin, but written in node.js, using leveldb, focused on decentralized deployment and aiming to become a viable alternative to e.g. the iTunes store, netflix, etc. using only freely licensed content (pre-release status).
Some code here which is a partial node.js port of Labitrack 2.0, but currently re-writing again based on leveldb and streams.
  • Open microbiology hardware, software and wetware tools for citizen scientists.
Currently building PCR machine prototypes. More info coming at sudo science.
Some in-progress code for TeaCR prototype and drylab tools
  • Marine biology / scuba hacking: I'm learning marine biology, mostly through self-study. I'm trying to use my existing skills (microbiology, IT) to gain a foothold in the field. Let me know if you want to co-learn/teach or colloborate!
  • Hackpacks: Ultra-cheap backpacks with a basic hacking tool set aimed at 14 to 22 year old hackers.
To be combined with workshops teaching the use of the tools.
  • Semi-automated documentation and collaboration infrastructure systems for hackerspaces.

inactive projects

  • Mycelia: A cross-hackerspace project, skill and tool sharing system. An easily hackable social network focused on projects and collaboration.
  • fauxturkeybrew a ~$200 all-grain outdoor 25 liter beer brewing setup that minimizes workload.

ssh public key

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAABIwAAAQEA2KHTczNsQOgT6e2nVhF5ewdGjufyqghmbjHeecw0F5LttYJf46QMhdsQvnY45yqV4hiNOjwhWvDBgupA1E+RoLZWR7433cEkjYc1X6tdbiWHa2n+pWP8CEQKmYrdUnUyg/HRdRUQ9wov4pfNY2nVlsgV5jNZN/YyvN5zu1lcKv4OGTH5xfaL2ME6NbrcWhgdUkGFHBXIA9EBfQVEk/YMdllS0J2r+so8xJ7002N0ZI2vpj7/hCWH3CEv9897BhHZRKlCRpRyOVr5eysNRVIO+FX9nb2/NeGw6jYYWBjslEbXNSahzIFmtQ4LdtoSwFiXLN9LoPxOw08Rx2AdrFUdQw== juul