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people's open network hacknight - 16 May 2017

  • Jorrit, Daniel, Jehan, Jenny, Will, Bullitt, Corey (new)
  • Jehan:
    • Talked to terot shop - not owned by them
    • Talked to StorQuest - got managers contact info - they have cell phone antennas on roof already - president personally approves contracts
    • Talked to Reed Brothers - they're still interested - we should come back with equipment ready to install and do a demo


  • Worked on taxes this week - got OC's taxes in - waiting on IRS response to OOC's 2014&2015 taxes before moving on taking over OOC's 501c3 or not
  • Sudomesh 990N will be submitted will be submitted


  • Talked t
  • SSB on Raspberry Pi not working yet

Cory - has frontend JS experience and EE degree, would like to help out

Will - extender nodes at 50th St rooftop are not working (home nodes are working fine) - maybe didn't flash with the most recent firmware.

  • discussion of implementing some way to check that extender node is working (in admin dash)

Jorrit -

  • On Sunday mounted a map on a foamboard in sudo - physical representation of the mesh - right now there are ~5 nodes on it
  • Finished this Disaster PingPong thing with Grant last week - intro to the ESP8266, scans the wifi networks, checks signal strength
  • Where to store media assets? Creating 'propaganda' repo on the github


  • was here last weekend... set up a home node.


  • Reminded to check in w/ Laney College
  • Marc, Robb and Daniel cleaned out the mesh area and rack this wknd - removing extra cables, swapped out 2 switches with 2 new better ones
  • Set up 2 HP PoE switches, a wireless controller,and an AP in sudo room w/ ID 'Omni Commons'
  • Wants to set up another AP in the Den... marked 9 locations in total (3 in ballroom)

Andrew(?) -

  • Works at a battery storage company.. creating a virtual power plant for the grid. Data Analytics, and some software

NPR interview on mesh (Marc was interviewed for


Disaster Radio

  • Using nodeMCU flashed onto the chip, LoRa scripts
  • Marc got two nodes to finally talk to each other the other day \o/
  • Message need to be less than 256 bytes
  • 900 MHz
  • Want to make little 'throwies' for distributing them

action items

  • invest in mac ethernet adaptor?
  • send off the 990N [jenny]