Mesh/6 June 2017

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people's open network meeting? - 6 June 2017


jorrit, sierk, bullitt, grant, scott


joorit: thought about something he didnt want to do , but did it anyway sierk: no intro bullit: is gonna rule te world one day grant: is taking riseuppad...all by his lonesome scott: no not really

temescal street fair? 12pm to 6pm on this Sunday, June 11th.

    • do we need a table?
    • when is setup? 11? 12?
    • sign? - jorrit
    • volunteers: bullitt, scott will check, grant, sierk, jorrit
    • flyers or pamphlets promoting byoi - jorrit
    • ask jenny about businness cards? - grant
    • disaster ping demo - grant, jorrit, bullitts raspi, scott could bring two more ESPs
      • grant will get battery holders and AAA batteries (maybe look in sudo first)
      • work up recipe for build your own diaster ping
    • antennae display?
    • crimping station?

updates: jorrit is thinking about byoi

bullitt emailed KPFA about putting nodes on radio towers on hill, also talked to berkeley yacht club, almar (oakland marina?), free wifi? local ISP?

grant wants to work on hardware throwies? has investigate battery life for esp8266, will last 3-5hrs on two AAAs, as schematic, but needs to research radio trancievers

jenny, bullitt, jehan, and grant tested range from lynn's place on friday, were able to reach up past the Claremont Hotel.