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Free as in speech

Looks very thorough and up to date. We should probably all read this!
If you read one of these books, read this one.
520 pages.
Only available in PDF. We should convert it to epub so we can more easily read it on the go.
Exactly what it says in the title. Very step-by-step and not very technical.
A set of technical articles compiled into a book.
Looks like it has some interesting chapters, like "Trends and Challenges for Quality of Service and Quality of Experience for Wireless Mesh Networks" and "Secure Routing in Wireless Mesh Networks".
Sounds like a scam but it's actually not. Look at the table of contents.
Has chapters on everything from policy work to OSI models, squid caching and traffic shaping.

Free as in beer

Intended for HAM radio operators studying for the license exam.
Probably not the best thing to spend time reading when learning about wifi unless you're really interested in the fundamentals of radio.


Doesn't specifically talk about meshes.
Over 10 years old.
We have an ebook copy.


Battlemesh talks