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sudomesh does not want to do any tracking or logging, nor do we wish to facilitate any tracking or logging.

IPv6 MAC-embedding

The default strategy for clients to self-assign IPv6 addresses according to the standard involves embedding the MAC address of the network adapter into the IPv6 address. This is terrible for privacy since anyone who can see your IPv6 address can track your hardware anywhere you go. There is an alternative specified in the standard but it is only the default in Windows (7 or later I believe). All other major operating systems use the standard-defined default.

The only way we can see around this problem is to run DHCPv6 severs on the mesh nodes so clients have randomized IP addresses assigned every time they connect.

Well, there is another way: Don't give clients IPv6 addresses at all and drop all IPv6 packets to/from clients. This is easy but sucks.