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Questions we can ask prospective members at meetings!

Primary Questions:

PROMPT: There are no wrong answers

Would you like to briefly introduce yourself?

How did you find sudo room?

Why do you want to be a sudo room member?

What do you want to hack or learn at sudo room?

What do you want to share with or teach at sudo room?

Optional Questions:

What do you know about sudo room's values?

What do you know about sudo room's history?

Have you ever been banned from a hackerspace or any other collective?

Are you a cop? An undercover cop? A federal agent?

What's 20 + 3?

Can you please tell me what is in the captcha?


Get them set up to pay membership dues on Gratipay or through Bitcoin.

Put them into the Seltzer database.

Give them Wordpress, Wiki accounts.

Subscribe them to mailing list(s).