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This is a program document for the physical room layout and a scratch pad for associated notes, research and observations.


A program document specifies the requirements of a space without concern for how these requirements will be met. By coming up with a program before planning the specific layout, we separate the concerns of specifying requirements and implementing those specifications.

Potentially relevant observations small inferences

I recorded these observations on August 3, 2013, during the reorganization weekend. They should represent how the room was normally arranged before that.

I should add some pictures so that everything below makes sense.

  • Junk often accumulates in on the main table.
  • There are plants all over the place, but there's no special place for them.
  • The stuff on the windowsill is rarely used.
  • DoraBot and empty arcades are rarely used but not stored in the closet. (These are big; maybe we should come up with a better way of storing big things.)
  • Each table has access to power plugs.