[sudo-access] RFID & Auto Door Opener?

David Keenan dkeenan44 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 12:09:31 PST 2017

Hi Jake / access control folks -

So now that our front door is publicly labelled as accessible, we need to
install an automatic door opener & remote button (kickplate & hand-height
or a long bar) to make it legal.

Reason I bring this up to you guys is, the opener system will need to
integrate into our existing/future access control somehow. The quote I got
is $2800 (50% parts, 50% labor) for a package including the Open Sesame
Model 233 (brochure
<http://www.opensesamedoor.com/index_htm_files/open_sesame_brochure.pdf>, spec
sheet <http://www.opensesamedoor.com/index_htm_files/specs_model233.pdf>),
made in San Leandro.

Also, some of us met last week re: sketching out Omni's accessibility plan,
and Yar suggested this might be a good time to also implement RFID system
for the front door, if that was possible? In part because, proximity to an
RFID fob is more accessible than a card swipe which (after thinking about
it) I realized requires a pincing motion that is likely not ADA... because
of the excessive door opening pressure and iffy slope on the front landing,
we need an RFID & auto-opener.

So -- I'm not sure if any more work has been done on the RFID systems I put
in sudo a little while ago (stashed in under-stair storage area), might it
be possible to integrate these into the door opener? I note in the brochure
they offer a keypad access option - perhaps an opportunity for 2-factor
authentication like Marc had talked about? Anyhow what do you guys think?

I apologize for not helping y'all more with a better access control system
(helping spaces post-ghostship consumed my bandwidth), but as there is now
renewed pressure I want to help as I can. Would installing a trial
RFID/throw on the Omni Office for example still be helpful towards getting
this nailed down? Lmk

Fwiw - I see the opener as pressing at this point not just 'cause its long
overdue, but because every day our front door is labelled as accessible
when it's technically not, is actually a not-insignificant liability issue
(accessibility lawsuit). Plus of course, we are still under scrutiny by the
city, nimby neighbors trying to call us out for bogus reasons, etc etc. And
per building code the front door must be made fully accessible before any
other accessibility work starts on the rest of the building - at some point
an inspector's gonna notice since they all go through that door..anyhow.

Let me know how myself & those of us working on accessibility might be able
to help -

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