[DisasterRadio] Dev boards other than the TTGo?

Matt Gauger matt.gauger at gmail.com
Sat Oct 16 11:14:01 PDT 2021

I wasn’t happy with the Lilygo customer support — they offered to give me a
$5 coupon to keep the cameras, which I can’t use. (They’re “really popular”
they said, even though it is the wrong device.)

And it isn’t worth trying to ship the devices back and wait for
shipping+customs, especially if I pay for the shipping. Sorry, I know this
isn’t the place to vent about lilygo, but I do think we need a better cheap
option here for hardware.

For example: we couldn’t conceivably order and deploy 100 devices at a time
if we’re worried that it will be the wrong devices, and if shipping takes 6
weeks or longer.

On Sat, Oct 16, 2021 at 1:04 PM <sam at bristolwireless.net> wrote:

> Hi Matt
> ...
> If you let Lilygo know I'm sure they'll re-send the correct boards, or
> failing that open an issue on Aliexpress to get the correct boards
> sent or a refund.
> 2p
> Sam
> >
> > Thanks for the data point...
> --
Matt Gauger
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