353 12th St

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353 12th street

Possible share with Counter Culture Labs?

Landlord doesn't really care what we do and won't come bother us. He seems chill.

  • 1,500 sqft 1st floor (nice, bathroom, wheelchair accessible)
  • 1,500 sqft 2nd floor (tiny windy staircase, low ceiling, little light, water damage (but leaking fixed), kinda rough)
  • 2,000 sqft basement. (almost zero light. very rough ceiling. basement'y floor. does not smell musty. could be made wheelchair accessible with lift to sidewalk)

The water damage to the 2nd floor ceiling was caused by a leaking roof, but the roof has been replaced. There could be mold but nothing looked or smelled moldy or musty.

Landlord: 510 332 3568 or 510 836 3138