3D fabrication

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Potential products for profit

  • We might have a large storefront window that is passed by thousands of art-lovers every month during the nations largest, and rapidly growing art-walk.
  • What types of products could serve the community, or might be needed same day (something online 3D printing services can't offer, but walk-in printing shops can)?
  • What types of products could be offered in pre-sales to crowd-fund the purchase of one or more printers?
    • Products built with $600-$20,000 printers
      • Phone/device cases.
      • 3D fractals
      • Glass Frames.
      • Incubators for biohacking.
      • Shoes? More like mocassins. :D
      • Giant plastic sombreros.
      • Indoor Wall Garden/Hydroponics set.
      • A desktop nano-fridge.
      • Lego-like toys.
    • Products built with $20,000-$200,000 printers

Hacking, making and community-benefit products

  • Lab equipment

3D fabrication links and resources