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Alchemy is an old art and science, practiced as a hobby, profession, life work, or magic by folks for thousands of years probably. Alchemy is based on the four elements: Earth, Air, Fire, Water. There may be a Fifth Element, Energy. This is for the people at Shasta to figure out formally, but Sudo Room user User:EM_Che has proved the concept significantly. Among the processes practiced by an alchemist are mastery of the elements, balancing of the four (five) elements, distilling, levity and gravity experiments, and each may have a Master Work, which he or she is continually working on.

Hack Alchemy

Alchemists live fully the reality they are experimenting with. This means not exactly literal fire, or water, but an affinity for the elements. By experimenting with the vocabulary as well as the nature of the elements, alchemists whole-heartedly and whole-mindedly can modify and alter the world around them. For alchemists, getting the desired outcome is a matter of manifestation, or the processes by which that can occur.

An alchemical transformation is to change one idea which is negative into another which fits the model. For example, decolonize or hack the idea of trash into materials. Trash manifests these materials freely, with actually a negative value for the source person or firm generally. This includes wood, metal, paper, plastic tarps and stuff e-waste such as speakers. Any construction site has these materials regularly, people who are still consumers make them, firms, and households, and dumps. In order to be sustainable, we will have to reduce the trash that Earth produces to near zero. This means that these designs (and, this process), which function well for their purpose (eg to fit our lives and solve environmental problems) will be where our Economic activity will want to be based we alternative paradigm people. Everything is free alchemy: These inventions not only allow someone to live no house, no money, but also reduce waste and can be replicated without buying them.

Alchemy and Design

These four (five!) elemental inventions allow a person to live completely free - no home, no money, anywhere where there's not a fear of retaliation by the cops. It describes an alternative paradigm, and the hack-building of these items an alternative to the system.

Alchemy Hack Art Design

Try it out– if you can find and design from the SudoRoom wiki, great. If you can find whatever limiting materials you need from a dumpster, and complete the rest from your workshop, that’s ideal. Clearer how-to’s which will be going into the Sudo Room wiki:

External Reference

On Becoming an Alchemist: This book is fantastic. Teaches the magical concepts of alchemy in real life.

The Alchemist: A most popular reference to Alchemy is the book by Paulo Coelho. With wonderful flow and a fantastic story, the story gives good fictional examples of the processes of learning alchemy as well as magically fits in your life <3 :