EastBaySoundArtMeetup Minutes 2013-04-28

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East Bay Sound Art Meetup

Tilo rewrote a mormon hymn in Arduino as part of the WFMU Revitalize Music project!

Everyone is pretty busy right now as the semester is wrapping up at SFSU. G + T will be graduating from the [(Contemporary Information Arts at SFSU] Word Up.

We spent this session mostly hanging out, brainstorming, and were visited by Jeff, esteemed CIA professor at SFSU.

Current Project

Spirituals Project

Tilo [(Soundcloud) ] composed new hymns for the SudoRoom spirituality project. They are available on Soundcloud:

Revitalize Music

Tilo https://soundcloud.com/tilotilo511 created an Arduino sound piece for the [Revitalize Music Contest]

There are basically some music pieces out there without copyright that are in the free domain. We can reinterpret them as part of this contest!

Tilo rewrote an 1880 Mormon hymn called [be with you until we meet again] in Arduino.

You can see him setting it up in the photograph.

Here is the finished recording!

Upcoming Ideas

In the summer we would like to have a live sound performance at SudoRoom. We are open to mix any number of themes such as vintage erotica, dance, board games and music, etc. G is brainstorming heavily!

Any such event would be donations and money acquired would go to SudoRoom.

Jeff's Visit

Jeff dropped in for a quick visit. He would like to possibly work with someone at SudoRoom who can handle electronics and setting up devices that listen to buildings. We discussed previous art projects where people listened to plants.

We are going to reach out to CCA, Mills, and possibly people at l'expression digital arts.