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This is a list of zones that would work for a BSL-1 or BSL-2 laboratory in the East Bay.


Zoning types we can use:

  • MM (Mixed Manufacturing) zoning: AUP
  • MU-LI (Mixed Use - Light Industrial): UP(PH)

Berkeley zoning map


  • MUN: Conditional
  • OT: Yes
  • OT/DH: Conditional
  • INL: Yes
  • INH: Conditional
  • All others: No

Emeryville zoning map


If we are "Research and Development"

  • CIX-1: Yes
  • CIX-2: Yes
  • IG: Yes
  • IO: Yes
  • CBD-C: Conditional
  • CBD-X: Conditional
  • CBD-R: No
  • CBD-P: No

Any zoning that allows the "Research and development" activity is ok. There are several other zonings that conditionally allow research and development, but it takes 2-4 months and (I think) $1000-$2000 dollars to get the permit. You'd have to begin renting the property immediately.

Though it seems odd. The M-20, M-30 and M-40 zones are no good for us. This means the areas around Linden st. Brewery (3rd and Linden) are no go. The zoning office told Juul that this is because some of the zones, including the M zones, haven't been updated since 1965.

The zone for the sudo room building is unfortunately CBD-P.

If we are "Research Service"

Margot Prado sent us an email indicating that we can fit into the "Research Service" activity type, which is a Commercial Use type rather than the Industrial Use type of the "Research and Development" activity. This opens up many more potential zones.

The official description of "Research Service" is:

Research Service Commercial Activities include research of an industrial or scientific nature, other
than medical testing and analysis and routine product testing, which is offered as a service or which is
conducted by and for a private profit-oriented firm, other than a public utility firm.

The exclusion of medical testing and analysis could be a problem (especially for the Gonorrhea Eradication Team). However, there is also the "Medical Service" activity, which is also a commercial activity, and it described as:

Medical Service Commercial Activities include the provision of therapeutic, preventive, or corrective
personal treatment services by physicians, dentists, psychotherapists, and other practitioners, as well as
the provision of medical testing and analysis services. They also include certain activities accessory to
the above, as specified in Section 17.10.040.

In the following list of zones it is specified if Medical is not allowed:

  • RM-20: Yes
  • RM-30: Yes
  • RM-40: Yes
  • HBX-1: Yes, but research service not allowed outside.
  • CIX-1: Yes
  • CIX-2: Yes but medical conditional.
  • IG: Conditional and Medical no.
  • IO: Yes but Medical conditional.
  • CC: Yes
  • CBD-R: Yes, but restrictions if NOT on ground floor (L4)(L7)
  • CBD-P: Yes, but restrictions if on ground floor (L5)
  • CBD-C: Yes
  • CBD-X: Yes
  • CBD-P/CH: Yes
  • RM: No
  • RU-1 to RU-3: No.
  • RU-4: Yes, but only non-residential buildings built before April 2011.
  • RU-5: Yes, but only non-residential buildings built before April 2011.


With the exception of parcels facing Broadway, Telegraph Avenue, and 14th Street, the total floor area devoted to these activities on the ground floor by any single establishment may only exceed 7,500 square feet upon the granting of a conditional use permit


If located both on the ground floor of a building and within 30 feet from any street-abutting property line, these activities are only permitted upon the granting of a conditional use permit...(more text in planning code).


These activities may only be located on or below the ground floor of a building with some exceptions (explained in planning code).