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How do we hack disability at SudoRoom?

Organization of this Wiki I'm dividing this into physical hacks, and disability activism. Some would argue that the personal is so political that there should be no divisions, but that stuff is way over my head. As an able-bodied person who is only temporarily disabled, I do not feel qualified to represent disabled people everywhere. I'm probably already offending people with my semantics. - Romy

People Involved

Physical Hacks

Hacking Crutches

In the upcoming weeks I'm going to be experimenting with various crutch substitutes and posting them to this wiki

Hacking Sight

How do you hack glasses so that you don't have to keep buying new ones every year? How do you recycle glasses? What are some cool ways to extend upon glasses (rear view mirrors, side mirrors) so that people wearing glasses see even more than people without glasses? And then (drum roll) there's Google Glasses, Oculus Rift, and a whole slew of augmented reality tools. :)

Social Hacks

  • Building Radical Accessible Communities Everywhere - link