Meeting Notes 2013-04-17

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  • Co-Facilitator: Matt
  • Intro to Sudo Room for all by all
  • Icebreaker - Vision exercise by Matt


  • Patrick, Vicky, Ryan, George, RomyGeneral, Phil (FreeGeek!), JC, Tommy, Edward, Ari, Tom, Troy, Ryan B, Marina, Max, Matt, Julio, Len, Bill, Naomi, Jehan, Jenny, Jordan, Bernard, Ryan, Travia, Andrew

5-Year Visions

  • Sudo room to own this building and possibly
  • Sustain our livelihoods through our projects and community
    • maker business network?
    • and lockers
  • Overcoming divisions and bringing more folks into the space
  • Co-working/sharing environment
  • BACH and uniting the spaces!
  • Milestones: sustainability while dealing with inevitable turnover
  • Supporting livelihoods
  • Helping people cooperate
  • Increasing diversity and reaching out throughout Oakland
  • Making SR a gener

al hub (this building used to be a trolley stop!?)

  • Crystalline tree
  • Next-gen university / job creation space
  • Taps for sudomate
  • Always having people in the space
  • Epic 5-year anniversary party
  • Owning the building
  • Turning sudo room into an incubator
  • Next-gen public library
  • Transcending the limitations of 'space' - cultivating sudo culture
  • Ginger flower ice cream

==Announcements== Romy


   Membership survey (comprehensive)
   Set up date for label-printing organizing of stuff event - Jenny!1
   Friday the 26th?
   craig post to discuss about holding agar plates for testing phase therapy gonorrhea
   write a script for soliciting donations that can easily be read to people using the space for meetups, workshops etc; - Vicky and Matt
   infographics - Ryan?
   Brand Revision - more versatile logo
   To participate in the process, let's start an email thread
   Troy has been taking down titles and will be putting them on the wiki!
   http://space.sudo/music - music daemon bill set up! add music to the server!

==Fiscal Solvency== Co-facilitator: Vicky

   Vision, goals, tasks, action items and action owners. 
   Sudo room is a community supported by its membership and donations
   Donation box near the sink for checks and cash
   Matt set up GitTip - weekly tip (individually up to $25) -
   We're currently exploring BalancedPayments -
   First Wed - budget, 2nd & 3rd - collect dues, 4th - assess where we're at
   Pay your dues!
   Long-term vision: Integrated APIs and software, GitTip; funding initiatives (eg mate, stickers, magnets) to decrease cost of membership 
   GNUCash for transparent budgeting - FOSS accounting software @
   Review and consensus
   Fiscal Solvency Spreadsheet -
   Wishlist: non-money items on SudoRoom Wiki

==Amendments to the Articles of Association== Co-Facilitator: Marina

   Could we make this more interactive to keep people engaged? get out a big pad of paper and huddle around it, draw new elements by hand in a diagram? :) let me guess...this is romy
   Table to next meeting: Amendment process to be amended - Marina
   Too much time, let people who are invested work on it
   Make process clear from the beginning, would eliminate confusion and save time
   Having it at the end of the meeting is a good idea
   Articles should be minimal, do it first
   Jordan proposes more deletions than additions as future amendments

==Conflict Resolution== Co-Facilitator: Marina

   New Diagram added -
   Suggest: could we make this more interactive? get a big pad of paper and draw out the process by hand?

Additional Items

  • Tommy
  • Strategies for upgrading sudo through sharing space (with BioHackers?)
  • meetings last fri every month (BioHackrz).
  • Joint capital raising venture?
  • Take the Floor!
  • Considerations for space controls?
  • Research available locations in Oakland and East Bay - Round II
  • Update or replace
  • Oakland Nights Live: regular monthly usage of the common space
    • related: what to do when groups contact us looking for meeting space?
  • Public School wants to establish shared scheduling system
    • list of expectations for events hosted by sudoroom
    • complaints about the pallets left behind, chalk written on sidewalk, flyers posted on door
  • CRM - New Members
    • Suggest blanket new member email, guiding them to a wiki page, tastefully showing a big WePay / gittip donation button, showing them the calendar, and asking them to sign up for the next "Today I learned" class?
    • To access/edit the CRM, login to the Wordpress and go to Tools > CRM
  • Privacy
    • Re: email thread about this topic (anonymizing emails?)
    • Google crawling the list was most surprising/upsetting
    • Was intended to be a public archive
    • Footer text clearly articulating the publicly archived nature of the list
    • George requests a Find & Delete of 'georgio510'
    • Anonymization
    • Robots.txt file - can we limit to Google alone?
    • Query the list re: what information they are comfortable with being a) list-visible, b) publicly visible , c) search index'd (eg; Google) or not, and any desired Search & Replace
    • Add Tommy to Bank Account
    • Tommy steps down as co-facilitator for this item to avoid conflict of interest.

Discussion overflow

  • Co-Facilitator: Romy
  • Worker-owned cooperative structure / governance

Action Items

  • Scribe: Jenny


  • Work with Tommy to improve Fiscal Solvency Sheets and our fiscal process during meetings - Marina and Romy
  • Membership survey - matt will ask rusty
  • Set up date for label-printing organizing of stuff event - Jenny!1 -troy
  • write a script for soliciting donations that can easily be read to people using the space for meetups, workshops etc; max tommy
  • Laptop - from Yardena, Max and Matt will install Linux on it
  • Talk to Danny O'Brien, intro from JC to Jordan, invite him to come to a future sudo meeting to share insight!
  • Jordan asks you to be mindful of cookery and possible fire hazards, also to try to cook and bring more food here always.
  • Follow up with Rusty on the survey (Andrew and/or Bill)

New Items

  • Add NoBAWC event to calendar
  • Add Hacky Happer Hour to the calendar
  • Jenny sync with Troy on library
  • Vicky looking into syncing with Open Library
  • Romy to lead diagram for Articles of Association amendment
  • Facilitator at next meeting - icebreaker with light "idea" activity for working with articles better
    • I think this will be an ice-creator.
  • Add articles to github (gitorious!!!!!!!?)
  • Bill - follow up with public school about a shared scheduling system for the common space.
  • Vicky & Marina - follow up with Public School about Oakland Nights Live.
  • Eddan - Follow up with George about event and guest concerns :)
    • Ask for access to hose, cleanup materials, to cleanup after bigger events, etc
  • Jenny - Set expectations for sudo events, make this available to internal & external
  • Eddan - Reference letter from George
  • Bill & Andrew will work on the technical solution for privacy / alteration of the mailing list archives.
  • Query the list re: what information they are comfortable with being a) member-visible, b) publicly visible, c) search index'd (eg; Google) or not, and any desired Search & Replace

==Post-Meeting Teamups== Co-Facilitators: YOU! & ?