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Try this out this week:

May 15 2013 Attending:



Brief personal intros (< 20 sec per person) What is one thing you like to share with others? What is one current frustration you have? What is one current thing that puts you at ease? Icebreaker (10 min) Sudo Room Goals - next 6 months

Share food / sudo mate if available.



Consent Agenda

(< 3 minutes)

(Let's use this time to briefly review and consent to items that need no more details or discussion) ====> We're trying this out!

May 25th: Showing of Judi Bari film in the entire space. Rusty would love help organizing it. Fabulous Friday Films: If you have access to a sound system, please contact Vicky. Vicky can take full responsibility of the sound system and can pick up and drop it off, etc. Bring ALL Dolby Surround Sound speakers to sudo room please Contact Matt and Sam about existing sound system

===Other Announcements=== Co-Facilitator: (< 5 min)

This Sat TIL: Fix It Day! (yaaaaayyy!!!): Sign up for TIL's (no one is scheduled after this week): Sundays @ 7pm - Cleaning of Natural Decay Who is available to lead this week? ___________ Craigslist posting looking for friends: BIKE SMUT: This Friday, doors open 8:22, show starts 9:07. (Vicky, who will be a little late) Signs will be put up advertising adultiness of the event Vicky and Phil take full responsibility fr cleaning. (Vicky is anal-retentive and this will not be a problem) GLOW WORMS: Please contact Vicky directly if you would like to join in helping facilitate a safe space on

=== ACTION ITEMS === Co-Facilitatory: ☁→❄→☃→☀→☺→☂→☹→✝ (< 5 min)

Follow-up on previous items--keeping it brief, okay to table if necessary to next meeting:

New Business:

Old Business:

WHO WANTS TO RUN AN ETHERNET CABLE to rock paper scissors collective? - Matt will help Add Hacky Happer Hour to the calendar - Romy hosted Hacker Happy Hour Oakland Nights Live - what to do? Bill will talk with them about this regardless on Friday for "Captial and Crisis" putting on thinking caps ... and "theorizing" [Sharing Sketch Tomorrow for Supper w/ Public School] Jenny - Set expectations for sudo events, make this available to internal & external -Ensure doors are closed -Trash and recycling -Running the dishwasher -Putting furniture back where it belongs -Vacuum! Jenny will discuss with Public School this Thurs.

Postponed (not for discussion, only for reference):

[Postponed] Talk to Danny O'Brien, intro from JC to Jordan, invite him to come to a future sudo meeting to share insight! Straight to the source--but out of the country :( Will be back later this month and Jordan will follow up then. [Postponed until necessary] Eddan - Reference letter from George [Postponed until necessary] Jenny sync with Troy on library - Not yet but they will Set up date for label-printing organizing of stuff event - Jenny!1 -troy still need to set a date [Postponed until someone throws Romy a massive love bomb] Romy to lead diagram for Articles of Association amendment Romy to work with Troy to turn the articles into a flow diagram. Diagrams and drawings of sudo room members being passed around. [Postponed until ?] Add articles to github (gitorious!!!!!!!? - - Yardena is going to put these articles up

==Fiscal Solvency== (20 min) Exchequer: Tommy && Co-facilitator: Marina Financial Planning Fund-raising efforts? Food Sudo Mate - Max & Ray Iced, carbonated, DELICIOUS mate soda beverage (exquisite, yum!) Sudo Beer (Subiir) - Morten & Marc Sudo Gravy (marinara sauce) - Ray - Last week's $40 went to Sudo Room rent. Sold all 4 pints (all that was left after dinner) Yay! Sudo Lunch / Grab-n-go option - ? [DOES NOT YET EXIST] suggestion by Marc Rusty's "Savior Bars"! Some exchange model that is advantageous for some reason Eddie's "Dope" Popcorn "Just do it" Schwag 3D printed stuff magnets - Jordan bike mounting accessories (easy to print, can adapt to any device mounting!) -hol jewelry on-demand other objects other 3D printers 3d printed exoskeleton DIY handheld 3D printer pen based on a hot glue gun Cheap as hell "Captain crunch whistles" - Le Oficial Ray (Rey?) Bike bevereage holders T-shirts - Dan Finlay (already an action item) Buttons (moar) Dependent upon logo LED cubes - hol?????????? Membership dues sliding-scale, voluntary (current) better advertisement --> Scrounging for MOAR Flyers, put things around the area, galleries, cafes, etc. Could be extremely effective Could do a bike-about better price-]points (concrete options beyond general $60 discussion) will be informed by member survey (already an action item) Do we accept BITCOIN???????????? Automatic reminders Repair Services Fix-it clinic style (especially electronics, etc)? Could also do custom bike stuff, bike repair! Specifically could get $ from burners Not necessarily easy while in our current, less-developed state Donated equipment Repair and sell, e.g. on Ebay - suggestion by Eddan Re-use and sell or sell as services Similar potential to DIY ISP ++ a la Laci Videmsky has offered to host a workshop on how to do this, like he and his business partner did with Ranch Wifi Kits electronics - (i won't be at the meeting tonight but if we come up with a few and order the components in bulk and package individually together, we can sell at events - Hol) Home PCs for cheapz Art kits Writing kits Kits of kits :D ^.^ ^.^ Kits of 3D printers that create other kits Non-profit status Tax-deductable Donations as a 501(c)3 Noisebridge and School Factory have offered to provide fiscal sponsorship School Factory has a lot more experience than NB in fiscal sponsorship Grants Regular events Raves Speaker events - of particular relevance to our projects Covers? No covers? NOTES Len - from a business standpoint there are two different funding mechanisms at play here One is internal funding, the other is coming from external sources You can also look at things as "products" or "not products" the technology may or may not be there. Examine the who / what / where / when / why, and the time / effort involved -- you can cross most of it out Jenny Added speaker events section In particular, UC Berkeley wifi groups are excited about sudo, would possibly be interested in speaking here Tommy We would want to do some of these things regardless of whether or not they brought in income Sam Art Murmur membership could provide us space to sell things. Eddie Internet security, in NY times two days ago - information security as a service we could offer. Second Wed - budget (2nd & 3rd - collect dues, 4th - assess where we're at) Pay your dues! Review and consensus process: Fiscal Solvency Spreadsheet - Rent: $1500; Utilities: $220; Services: $50 Target membership contribution: $88 per member (based on approx. 30 people) now we're collecting target of $60 some give more sense of urgency: Still working on month-to-month Add to action items

==Amendments to the Articles of Association== Co-Facilitator:

==Conflict Resolution== Co-Facilitator:

==Additional Items== (per item) Co-Facilitator: Space / New Space / The Search Continues (15 min) Priorities / values Historical / Previous requirements for any potential space are listed here: Please note that those are from last year and is in need of updates. Strategy Use (ask Romy or Matt for admin access) Tweet any space details @sudoroom Email Craigslist posting looking for friends:

==Action Items== Scribe:

Bill will set up automatic reminders Sarah is willing to host a rave, perhaps weekly FUNDING Review existing funding options, re-categorize, organize - Len, Matt, Marina, Jordan, Romy, Jenny Put your name next to specific projects that you are interested in

Meeting Brief for Announce List

Scribe: Make a succinct highlights message based on the meeting minutes

==Post-Meeting Teamups / Discussion== Co-Facilitators: YOU! & ?