Meeting Notes 2013-06-12

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June 12, 2013


  • Bill Cryptoparty - 1pm Sunday, at sudo room (2141 Broadway)
    • How do you secure your information from prying eyes including the NSA!, coffeeshop cookie-jar theif!, malicious agents! Sunday, Sunday, Sunday.
    • Not really part of a series, but we've had one in the past at Tech Liminal (~40 ppl).
    • Short notice, but trying to harness energy and outrage around PRISM, blarney, etc in a way that's productive and insightful.
  • BACH
  • Counter Culture Labs (formerly known as East Bay BioHackers) - planning meeting this Friday, discussing our by-laws, we're a new biohacking and science hacking space
  • Sunday at 5pm, writer's meetup at Sudo Room
  • Space behind elevator and adjacent (sharing a wall) with sudo room, near the bathrooms (former doctor's office) is available for rent, $1200 / mo, what to do?