Meeting Notes 2013-07-24

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Check out the Meeting archives here: July 24 2013


  • Ed Biow, Nate, Kerrie, Jordan, Timon, Troy, Jenny, Marc, Ed, Matt, Matt, Deborah, Rachel


Brief personal intros (< 20 sec per person)

Icebreaker: Sudo in one year from now:

  • More space
  • More somatic awareness
  • Sudo triathalon crew!
  • System for supporting individuals
  • Fill up standing funds
  • Lots of sweet hacks on our belt
  • 3D printed visitor heads
  • Being a host for international community of hackers
  • More cryptoparties!
  • Access for underserved communities
  • More open and welcoming to new folks
  • We help start another hackerspace in Oakland

Announcements (Consent Agenda)

Other announcements


  • Tax Status and Organizational Structure
    • Bill spoke with Danny (NB) about 501c3 umbrella-ing and Jenny spoke with James (SchoolFactory)om
    • Non-profit benefits include matching donations (employees &
    • Getting an LLC is cheap and easy to do, ~700/year for taxes in California
    • Liz Henry is doing a lot of research on 501c3 status for the feminist hackerspace starting in SF


Old Action Items

New Action Items

  • Research tax structures [1] 2. [...] 3. Profit!
  • Auto-reminder for weekly meetings [Bill]
  • Make a flier, talking points [Jenny & Juul]
  • Set up date for label-printing organizing of stuff event - Marina & Jenny
  • Move more books inside Sudoroom
  • Get rid of all the broken printers...
  • "Who the fuck are we?" Assessing folks who've signed up to be members [in final tab on the fiscal solvency sheet]
  • Talk to JC re: sudomate funds [Matt]


  • Add robots.txt for sudo room (open item for anyone to take on) MATT (out of town)
  • [Postponed until necessary] Eddan - Reference letter from George
  • git-ify & flow-diagram-ify our articles
  • Add calendar to Infobot's screensaver [Max]
  • Library - until RPS
    • Catalog - Max
  • Push Articles to Github

Fiscal Solvency

In this section we review our current financial situation and budget, approve monthly budgets, and discuss any other finance-related issues. Exchequer: Marina / Jenny Co-Facilitator:

  • $1921.61 - way below our minimum!
  • Pay your dues!!
  • We now have lockers, part of fundraising

Amendments to the Articles of Association

  • Threshold to become a card-carrying member [symbolic and/or access]
    • RFID Access

Conflict Resolution

Discussion Spillover

  • hours/shifts to keep sudoroom open!
  • access status:
    • buzzer?
    • RFID?
    • is the elevator continuing to be locked?
  • help with TIL: needs to be better promoted.
    • reach out to public school & free skool to post on calendars

Post-Meeting Groups

  • help Rachel fix her laptop
  • lockers / fundraising
  • sudo room shifts / keeping space open
  • access issues [door, rfid, elevator]