Meeting Notes 2013-11-06

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Attendance / Icebreaker

  • Icebreaker: In light of Swedish Cinemas displaying Bechdel Test ratings alongside Age ratings for movies - Imagine you are President of the World and/or Universe and asked to completely revamp the Movie Rating System. What do you do?

Attendees: marc (abuse power, then resign), eddan (multistakeholder requirement), max aka noconfusing (reality test), timon (scale of stereotypes), tom (religious offense), troy (drug/movie pairing), bill aka legind (real operating systems), chris (prediction of how well it will age), luciano aka onaicul (quotionet of positivity encouraging self-help growth as individuals in the audience absorbing media), female faust aka johanna faust (users own notion of good versus evil, not based on age, skin-index), jenny aka tunabananas (induce empathy, mindfuckingness, paradigmshiftiness), jodan aka yar (ban all copyright on movies, free to dowlnoad, nationalize all the studios, so that anyone who wanted to make a movie would have a team at their disposal, then turn the utah data facitilty into a personalization algorithm to make your life as good as possible, and like okcupid it would recommend the best movie for you you havent see yet, and then abolish the world goverment. in that order), matt (has actually for fun reimplemented mpaa rating. violence is more improtant to signal, no nc-17, but a big v for violence), Morten.


   Grant $4.7k
   granted by "Southern Exposure"
   its for self-organized groups that do not have 501c3
   we asked for $5000, got $4700
   no strings attached. its ours
   bay area public school also got four point seven thousands
   /bin/BASH Fundraiser
   money? we made $666 plus $150 in auction still to be paid.
   was it risky alcoholwise?
   don't publically declare alcohol sales
   it costs $25 to get a temporary alocohol license
   will it happen again.
   we cleaned it up before our parents came home.
   for next time, tom says, keep people in, and push the auction, jenny says have greeters, faust slightly afraid of crowd situations unless she has a job
   nominate the naysayer to our board (doocratically)
   Incorporation update
   we are a public benefit nonprofit corporation - official. 
   we are not an llc, we are a corporation
   it cost $50, and vicky gave $25 
   next steps
   deposit grant money
   30 days to file articles/bylaws
   90 (89 days from now) to declare a board
   Update this: 
   Accepted: Max, Jenny, Naomi, Anca, Hol, Vicky [tentative], Marc, Matt, Luciano, Troy
   Declined: Jordan, Kerrie, Anthony, Eddan( because of COI because wants to give legal advise)
   Nominated: Rhodey, Marina, Liberty [tentative accept], JC, Len, Romy, Ryan B, Julio, Vian, Shake, Mitch, Brendan, Morten, Faust
   Notes on Insurance:
   SELC Free Legal Cafe - how did this go?
   vicky & marc will write a summary
   Status? Banking / Credit Unions -- add research
   Aaron Swartz memorial Hackathon starting at the Internet Archive (Not burned down, despite popular twitter rumor) on Friday, and Noisebridge on Saturday, Sunday
   Hacking on SecureDrop
   Faust, anyone good at contract law, has friend that needs help.
   Re: Omni, Ricardo from Timebank sent an email re: his cooperative kitchen
   thanks luciano for the hemp

Articles of Incorporation

   What's required of a board member?
   the risks, not many risks if you are not paid
   the only thing we have to worry about is if sudo room doesn't pay taxes then the treasurer will be liable for taxes
   also board has responsiblity to send in a document once a year to sacramento 
   not liable if sudo room goes into debt not liable (except treasurer)
   Consensus on incorporating
   1 week to consensus on the Board of Directors Trustees! Accept or block via the mailing list.


   *$1766 + $780 wepay - 1680 Nov rent [noncommittally]
   * so we have about $800 + $4700 about $5,500
   * our trash bill is past due - wtf?
   *investment cd?

conflict resolution

   - shake anderson

extra bizness

   consensus motion: marc juul should be the sole founder of our irc channel. 8 unanimous votes yes. 0 abstaining or voting nay.

After- Meeting Teamups

   *Trash w/ David
   *gif for incorporating

Action Items

   *jenny and luciano write a blog post about our grant
   *timon and marc to research get an alocohol permit for next first friday
   *yar to nominate matt hebrox "frat email" for board
   *marc and max - blog about incorporation, max to edit
   *max - blog fundraiser success. faust to edit. vicky to get images
   *order fundraiser, incorpating, then grant
   *jenny - will post an email about btoard nomination final decision to the mailing list, approval will be consensus
   *jenny - send email to nominated but not accepted board members (sunday if they havent been heard from yet).
   *incorporator to get bank account 

Additional Notes