Meeting Notes 2014-01-15

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Q: Where are you? A: Yar (here wondering), Vicky (elsewhere), Marc (mostly here), Mac (here with snacks), Gaurav (long pause ... then eats most of the mango and leaves)



  • Calendar
  • We need to fill out a statement of information before February 5th.
  • we're awesome
  • perfect abundance of snacks
  • we sold some magnets (~six!)
  • we now have a bank account with the Internet Archive Federal Credit Union (IAFCU) <3
    • does it have money in it?

Past Action Items

  • Ink donation jar - Juul - not done
  • Investigate<3 integrating Stripe and/or Balanced Payments [Jenny, Bill]
    • Seems Stripe is better for recurring billing (Balanced's recurring billing system is still in beta: - this is essential for us. Let's try Stripe!
  • Look into other hackerspaces'<3 accounting system [Jenny]
    • GNU Cash looks most interesting - otherwise not much in the way of FOSS tools for finances:
  • Get new lease for 2141 Broadway (update to sign with "sudo room" as an entity) - Matt - done?
  • Pay the rent for Jan (Matt)<3
  • Reword proposal on<3 problematic non-members (Jenny, Brendan)

Fiscal Solvency

  • current finances?
  • $201.11/week on Gittip: <3

Amendments to Articles of Association

  • Marc proposes to "just get rid of them"
    • no quorum
    • Yar agrees in sentiment, but would prefer a diff with many more "-"s than "+"s

conflict resolution

  • most sudoers are not here. mediation with those losers has failed.


  • Is there anything the four of us can do right now to help out sudoroom before ending the meeting?
    • we could just hack the articles already!
    • we're all going to read through the articles and be ready to propose and discuss diffs next week!

Action Items